Girl’s heart bracelet, which belongs to the colorful and fashionable atmosphere of summer, the start is beautiful


Girl’s heart bracelet, which belongs to the colorful and fashionable atmosphere of summer, the start is beautiful

It is the season when the arms are exposed, and it is monotonous when it is not paired with a few accessories. A bracelet, its beautiful colors, can make the overall style more prominent, bring a distinctive sense of fashion, unique design. It is perfect to wear between the wrists and become full of energy!

crystal bracelet

The unique style, full of charm, is happy to wear, and is good for physical and mental health, each one is arranged properly. Strawberry crystal, recruit peach blossoms, stabilize love, transport. Purple crystal, school assistance, career, career, and love. White crystal, school assistance, health care, and safe security. Yellow Crystal, implying wealth and Jinbao, wealthy, full of blessing. Green hair crystals, help care, help employment, relieve fatigue, and recruit money. Cat’s eye stone means peace and health. Tourmaline, Wangfu, Fortune, each crystal corresponds to different energy.

Pearl bracelet

The proper treasure items are unique in style. Each model is fluttering, fried chicken is beautiful, gentle and advanced, wearing both decorate the wrist and temperament, do not pick clothes or choose the style Absolutely, wearing a watch, the temperament is bursting, and the elegance ends on the wrist.

Color beaded bracelet

Super suitable for summer, be sure to wear it. This bracelet is stringed with colorful beads and silver. Smile, clouds, rainbow elements are embellished, playful and lively, and really harmonious with summer. Cool and versatile, it’s very eye -catching with clothes. The color is very strong ~ It is also cool to wear such jewelry in summer ~

Rope bracelet

This bracelet is also absolutely unbearable. The super beautiful style is full of design. The design is full. With transportation beads, this year’s wealth rely on it. It is very suitable for wearing and stacking alone.

Daily preservation is also very casual. Don’t worry about bumps and other issues, and the price of the bracelet is also very cost -effective, and the sense of happiness is bursting. Get it up now to arrange for yourself!

The above is the introduction and description of 2020 Fashion 925 Silver Rainbow CZ Bracelet Classic Design Gold Plated Multi Color Zircon Girl Gift Bracelet, I hope it can be helpful to you.