Ig went bankrupt and cleared the goods, she ended with our youth


For us ordinary people

Ig carries too much memory and feelings

The recent news of “women’s brand Aig bankruptcy” instantly pulled my thoughts back to the student days.

At that time, wearing an Aeg’s shirt in the school uniform revealed the cute collar of red and white, you are the fashion tide in the class.

With graduation and work, Ae Ge gradually left our sight.

Hearing Aig again, it was a large -scale closing of the store, and the person in charge became “Lao Lai”, and was applied for bankruptcy.

During the “Double Eleven” period, the official WeChat public account of the Shanghai Bankruptcy Court published an article, saying that it would sell special inventory in the online store “Shanghai Aeg Manager Special Shop”.

Although the size is incomplete and the physical map is not good, the price is basically a discount of the original price, 30 yuan sweater, 60 yuan long pants, and 159 yuan long down jacket, which is almost new in seconds.

Now, more than 30,000 fans have paid attention to this store and are still on new goods. And next, I will sell several brands of Aeg weekend, ES and other brands of Aeg.

As a person who has bought Aig, although I can no longer buy it, I still have a feeling of regret to see the brand that had accompanied my youth so hastily.


those years,

I have worn Aeg

Many people do not know that Ig is actually a French brand founded by Germans. In 1916, he opened the first store in Germany and started to sell underwear and socks.

Soon after, Aig was acquired by a French company and moved to Paris. It was also an old age.

In 1995, Aig opened the “China First Store” in Shanghai. At the beginning of the millennium, large shopping malls in other cities also had this brand. Aeg’s expansion just happened to catch up with China 80 and 90


Time to be aware of trendy fashion.

In my memory, there are not only “Aig Etam” in the mall, but also Aig Weekend (ETAM Weekend), Etam Sports, etc. The color matching makes me still have an initial impression of the “French style”.

Ig also invited supermodel Natalia Vodianova to shoot advertising movies, but it still looks fashionable now.

Aig’s clothes are not cheap.

Around 2005, the price of thick coats in winter was more than 1,000 yuan, and shirts and sweaters were almost three or five hundred. At the same time, the brands such as Zhenvis and Meibang are almost half of it.

At that time, the new female classmate in the mall in the shopping mall was equivalent to buying a new Chanel bag Bai Fumei after watching the fashion show.

Fortunately, Ig often discounts, and often has a low price of 30 % off. For most girls who are not rich, they often look at a certain piece. When the discount season The price after discount is not too distressed.

But one said that although Aeg’s clothes were expensive, the quality was really good.

I used to have a red and blue plaid shirt, wearing from junior high school to high school, until it could not be worn, it did not deform the ball.

Now every time I see the same three or five hundred pieces of clothes, but if you lose a washing machine, you will deform the fast fashion brand clothes, and I will think of the Aig shirt with a good quality.

In junior high school graduation photos, I wore it and stood in the front row of boys I liked at the time.


Aeg who is no longer fashionable

Quietly exit

After going to college, ZARA and H & M’s fast fashion brands focusing on European and American style began to capture the wardrobe of girls.

Many small online shops are cheap and fashionable. The price of an Aeg sweater can be paired with a new look in an online shop.

Girls’ ruffles, outdated dresses, not so advanced pink … I once felt that I was very fashionable in middle school. As we got older, we also began to feel a bit rustic.

I once went to France to travel and saw the real “French Aig” on the street.

The style of clothes inside is completely different from those who saw it in China before. It is not only “girls” to look good. Customers of all ages have.

Since 2012, Aig has closed many stores in China, and the one I used to visit that year was not spared.

In his hometown France, Aeg is also not optimistic. In August 2017, Aeg’s parent company Etam Développement announced the official delisting and reduced the number of stores throughout Europe.

Currently in Shanghai, Aeg has only discount stores in the suburbs of Qingpu and Qibao.


Guandian exit and sell underwear,

Do you still pay attention to Aig?

Although the garment has exited in China, in fact, we can still buy Aig’s underwear.

Aig’s official Weibo also responded to the recent bankruptcy news. “The French century -old brand ETAM witnessed most 80. The post -90s girl youthful memories, and the girls also witnessed many highlights of ETAM. The garment line left and the underwear line returned. You are growing up, ETAM is also growing up. Thank you for your continuous companionship: ) “

After changing the fancy image, Aig underwear followed the simple route of “basic models, no steel rings”. The overall aesthetic is good. It often appears in the recommendations of some bloggers, and it also caught up with the fashionable publicity of live broadcasts.

In the first place, will Aeger win the hearts of Chinese girls again?

In 2020, it seems to always say goodbye.

Not only Aeg, but also brands such as ESPRIT, Zhenvis at the same time, all the news of delisting and bankruptcy this year, which has a feeling of “one era is over”.

These brands carry the beauty memory of the 80s and 90s. It is the enlightenment of our pursuit of fashion. In the history of the development of Chinese clothing, we have left a lot of heavy ink.

In a competitive market, the disappearance of a brand is only a game of capital.

But for our ordinary people, brands like Ig carry too much memory and feelings.

Its glory is also our youth.

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