Mobile phone all -around player! Support soft and hard decoding multiple formats, sleep mode! Better -fierce


Mobile phone all -around player! Support soft and hard decoding multiple formats, 100 times stronger than its own

Almighty video player

This version is perfectly cracked by the British God [DyMonyXX]. Without the Google market, it is a professional version. Welcome to download it.

The most powerful video player! This model has no advertising version, full function, supports multiple format decoding, HI10P hardware acceleration, now is a new type of decoding of RK3399, admiring the excellent choice of video

Applicable platform:

Android Android

Test model:

Glossy S7E, Glossy S5

File size:


Functional details:

1. Hardware decoding -with the latest hardware decoder, more videos can benefit from the acceleration of the hardware.

2. Multi-core decoding-This is the first multi-core decoder video player on the Android platform. According to the test on the multi-core device, it improves by nearly 70 % compared with the single core decoding.

3. Subtitle gesture -move forward/back to the next/previous subtitles. Move the subtitles up and down. Subtitle size changes.

4. Children’s lock -keep children focus without worrying about their random calling or contacting other applications. (Need plug -in)

5. Support DTS audio decoding.

6. Dipping away various advertising SDK

7. Playing function -playback speed, background playback, single cycle, all circulation, random playback, A -B cycle, network streaming.

Play setting function

8. Display settings -style, screen, control, navigation, text, layout, children’s lock, etc. to improve the play experience!

9. Tools -Share, delete, renames, lock, sleep timer (watching videos at night can be fixed to prevent sleep) attributes, settings (conventional settings include: player, decoder, audio, subtitles, conventional settings)


10. Sloping is scaling, translation -pinching and sliding screens to easily achieve zooming function. Achievements can also be used in options.

Scaling and translation

11. Gesture control

12. Memory playback function, the video is stopped halfway, the next time you come back to play will remember the time period of your playback, continue to play

Memory playback function

13. Play control function-

-Chopen the popular video format:


Support subtitle format:

1.DVD, DVB, SSA/Ass subtil. 2.Substation Alpha (.ssa/.ss) complete style. 3. Sami (.smi) supports Ruby tags. 4.Subrip (.srt) 5 · Micropvd (.sub) 6 · vobsub (.sub/.idx) 7 · subviewer2.0 (.sub) 8 · mpl2 (.mpl) 9 · PowerDivx 10 · tmplayer (.txt) 11 · Teletext 12 · pjs (.pjs) 13 · webvtt (.vtt)

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