How should office workers prevent epidemic prevention?


At present, our city is constantly working, and most office workers are still working. So, how should this group of epidemic prevent epidemic prevention? The Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention summarizes the reference of the mask wearing guidelines, safety ride guidelines, hand cleaning guidelines, and office protection guidelines for office workers.


Put on a mask, put your hand -free and disinfection, and put a spare mask into the bag, and go out to work.

Mask wearing guide:

1. Distinguish the upper and lower positives, the nose clips facing up, and the dark surface faces out;

2. Cover the nose and nose at the same time, press the nasal clip along the nose beam;

3. It is recommended to replace it in 4 hours. If it is found that it is obviously humid or dirty, it is recommended to replace it immediately.


Take a taxi/subway/bus, once again confirm that you have regulated wearing a mask, reduce the conversation during the ride, and try to avoid touching the facilities in the car.

Guide to safety ride:

1. When taking a taxi, it is recommended to choose the back seat and open the window to ventilate;

2. Take the subway/bus, keep a safe distance with others when waiting in line.

3. Consciously cover the mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.


Arrive at the unit, with the temperature test code, go to the bathroom to wash your hands carefully, and wipe the key, the packets and other objects on the surface of the portable items with a wet towel.

Hand cleaning guide:

1. Follow the [Seven Step Washing Methods], keep in mind the formula, “The inner and outer bow is the big name”;

2. Use soap (or hand -wash) to wash your hands under the flowing water for more than 20 seconds;

3. When there is no flow water source, you can use hand -free hands.


Start office, open windows to ventilate, use alcohol to disinfect the desktop, mouse, desk, chairs, chairs, folders and other large and small objects that are touched every day.

Office of office protection:

1. Frequent use facilities need to be disinfected regularly;

2. Equipped with hand -free hand -washing and disinfectant. When there are obvious dirt on your hand, wash the hand washing under the flowing water;

3. Keep a safe social distance with colleagues as much as possible.


During lunch time, the peaks and tables dine to ensure that the food is cooked through.

Healthy diet guide:

1. The three meals are quantitative, dietary, not overeating;

2. It is recommended to be rich in breakfast, good lunch and eating, dinner is light;

3. Diverse food, balanced nutrition, and improve their own resistance.


After get off work, do a good job of protecting the transportation, do not go to the crowd -intensive places, and make a vigilance when taking takeaway/courier.

Safety collection of takeaway/courier guide:

1. It is recommended to choose no contact distribution method;

2. Wear masks and gloves when collecting, and return home to do hand hygiene in time;

3. Expressway packaging needs to be disinfected.


Clean hygiene, do a good job of cleaning, and open windows and ventilation.

Home cleaning and disinfection guide:

1. Keep indoor air circulation, ventilate 2 to 3 times a day, at a time of no less than 30 minutes. If the room cannot be ventilated naturally, you can adopt mechanical ventilation methods such as exhaust fans;

2. Cooking for about 15 minutes in boiling water for about 15 minutes to avoid the disease from the mouth;

3. Do a good job of cleaning the toilet, pour 100ml 84 disinfection agent on a regular basis, cover the toilet lid flushing water for disinfection;

4. Pay attention to the classification of domestic garbage, and the mask that has been used should be discarded in the trash can specified in the community.

Liu Xiaofang, all media reporter of Lanzhou Daily, organized

Source: Lanzhou Daily