The temperature of the Chinese New Year must also be atmospheric. Try “Long Clothing+sweater”. The warmth is thin and fashionable.


If you want to wear fashionable and high -level, there is a temperature and demeanor, so you have to learn the matching of the coat. The material of the coat is thick and warm, and it is also one of the best fashion items in winter. Look at the most popular sweaters this year, and use a coat with a sweater, which can definitely greatly improve your sense of fashion. It looks cool and beautiful.

Of course, when choosing this set of wearing, the style of the sweater and the style of coats are very important. If you do not want your own matching to step on, you must choose the right item with your heart. Thinking.


Question 1: How to avoid thunder areas in coats?

Thunder Area ① Avoid too thick materials

The coat with a sweater is very warm, but when we match it, we must pay attention to the material, and the sweater itself is relatively loose.

If you don’t want to wear too bloated, you must try to avoid the too thick material, especially the velvet sweaters. Do not use it to match your coat, otherwise it will only make your upper body look 20 pounds.

② Avoid too fancy patterns

In addition, we must also avoid too fancy patterns. In fact, when wearing and matching, the most critical is the combination of simplicity.

It should not be too fancy in the coat, otherwise there will be a feeling of loudness, and it will also make your entire shape look very cheap.


If you want to wear fashionable and advanced, it is best to try some simpler solid color sweaters. The solid color style is more versatile. Whether it is a solid color coat or a printed pattern coat, it is beautiful.

③ Avoid too long version

In addition, we must pay attention to the sweater version,

Because the sweater itself is relatively loose, if you want to be thin, try not to try the long sweater of the Oversize, otherwise it will easily cause your body to become 55. Even the illusion of the upper body length and shortness of the lower body.

If you want to wear fashion and advanced, choose short slim sweaters better than long sweaters. Like the bloggers below with short sweater with high waist pants, and then stacking the coat, it will appear to be very raised. On the contrary, the proportion of the concave shape with loose long sweater will be very bad.

Question 2: Ease of the style of sweater


① hooded sweater or round neck sweater

If you want to classify the sweater,


Then the design of the neckline is the key. Today’s sweaters are mainly two types, one is a hooded sweater wearing a hat, and the other is the basic round neck sweater.

Relatively speaking, the design of the round neckline is more versatile,

The hooded design is more casual, you can try different sweater design according to your own style. If you are not very good at stacking and matching, maybe it will be simpler with a round neck sweater.

② Pure color sweater or letter sweater

There are many design of sweaters, and solid color sweaters are the most common, but there are also many tide people who are afraid of monotonous. They will be embellished with alphabets on the sweater, showing a sense of high -level sense and fashion.


The combination of letters sweaters can also create a very fashionable and personality style, creating a full sense of high -level sense.

Such as the following


The solid color sweater chooses orange, beautiful and fashionable. The black sweater is embellished with the alphabet embellishment, which is unique, breaking the dullness, and the fashion can be improved.

Question 3: How do sweaters and coats match?

Solution 1:

Black coats can be made all things

Speaking of the most common items in daily matching, black coats must be indispensable. The reason why black coats are popular because it is very practical.

It can be matched with any fashionable clothing. It is good to choose a bright -colored sweater or basic style, and the style created is also many.

If you are the first time you try a sweater to wear a coat, choose the black coat the most secure, you will basically not step on the mine.

Solution 2:

The hooded sweater is exposed

How to show a sense of layering through a coat with a sweater? The key is the method of wearing a sweater. If you choose a hooded sweater, it is best to expose the hat

After exposing the hat, the layered sense of the upper body will naturally increase, and it will be high -level to look at fashion.


Solution 3:

The lower body with high waist pants

The short sweater with high waist pants is suitable for girls with poor body proportion,

Under the feet, it can be combined with the combination of high heels, and the effect of increased and thinning will be more obvious.

For example, the bloggers below choose high -waisted jeans with short sweaters, and long coats outside can enhance the gas field and modify the figure. In addition, the blogger also divided through the color of the sweater and pants to modify the figure and avoid the opening of five or five.


Generally speaking, the stacking of coats and sweaters requires skills. At this time, we need to avoid too loose sweaters, and we must refuse too thick sweater materials. It will only look bloated when wearing it. Suitable for stacking coats, making your shape more layered and high -level.