The 10 classic quotes in Zhu Zi Book are willing to be philosophy in the sentence!


1. Sincerity is the foundation of self -cultivation, and Ming Shan is the foundation of Si Cheng. —— Song Zhu Xi “Zhu Zi Quanshu · Mencius Collection Notes”


Sincere is the foundation of self -cultivation, and understanding good words and deeds is the fundamental to adhere to sincerity.

2. The doting person is unknown, and the greedy person is not insalted. Essence —— Song Zhu Xi “Zhu Zi Quanshu · University Chapter 8”


The person who is doting must not be able to detect it, and the person who is inspiring must not be satisfied.

3. There are three arrival in reading, which says: heart, eyes, mouth, mouth. —— Song Zhu Xi “Xue Xuezhai Rules · Reading and writing text”.


Be sure to do it when reading: spiritual concentration, eyes look, and chant in your mouth. This is to emphasize that reading must concentrate and concentrate on their will in order to have good results.


4. A breath still exists. —— Song Zhu Xi “Zhu Zi Quan Shu”.

Removation: one breath and one suction. As long as there is a breath, you must fight for your own aspirations. You can’t be a little relaxed. My road is still far away! This sentence is to say that Zhishi Renren has a responsibility to realize benevolence. He always feels that he has a long way to go, so he is struggling and died.

5. Those who abandon themselves and know the beauty of benevolence; but drowning in laziness, it must not be able to do it. —— Song Zhu Xi “Mencius Collection Notes”.

This sentence states that people must be diligent and hardworking. If they are “drowning in laziness” and they are lazy, they will really do anything.

6. If you read it without knowing it, you can read it without knowing it.

When you encounter something that you don’t understand during the reading process, you should think about it. If you do n’t understand, you should read it. Reading and thinking must cooperate with each other and penetrate each other.

7. step by step, familiar with reading and thinking. —— “Zhu Zi Quanshu · Reading Essentials”

Reading should be carried out in a certain order, and we must be able to read and recite and think well.

8. Where to find the joy of reading, a few plum blossoms. – “Zhu Zi Quanshu · Four Ash Reading”

Where can I look for happiness? That is in this cold snow. Looking at the blooming plum blossoms, from this we can feel the heart of the earth and the earth.

9. Based on the way of his person, he also treats his body. – “Zhu Zi Quanshu · Meyong Collection Notes”

Use other people’s methods to punish others so that this will achieve more effort.

10. If there is any change, there is no one. – “Zhu Zi Quanshu · Analects Collection Notes”

For the errors that others pointed out, if you have it, you should correct it. If not, you must use it to encourage yourself.

The 10 classic quotes in Zhu Zi Book are willing to be philosophy in the sentence!