Zhang Jie


The teacher’s work has always been like him, giving people a sense of elegance. For example, his green Zen of the Republic of China, as if in the gesture of an ignorant teenager, telling the bottom of his heart about one -ten thousand girls in his heart From the surface of the pot, we see more than just beauty and meditation, but also a kind of time for time.


The two traditional symbols that have been passed down from ancient times to the present are now the latest form trends in contemporary art design.


Yi Zen’s work itself has a bit of Zen, which makes people have a little square way in the leisurely taste, and interpret the beauty of the square circle on the tea table.


One flower and one world, one leaf and one bodhi, the work is full of fire, and the artistic conception is also smooth and happy.


So, are you moving?


With a little bubble, it has obvious effects.

Zhang Jie, a national senior arts and craftsman, winner of the first “Jingzhou Cup” competition.

The first prize, second prize, and third prize winner of the Yixing Ying Yixing Full Manual Competition over the years, shortlisted for the 2017 local cup contest and achieved good results

Born in Wuhan City, Hubei in 1982, he graduated from the ceramic art design major of Beijing Geological University. He has profound skills, unique ideas, distinctive personal styles, and he is still creating square creations. More than ten years of art, with professional artistic literacy and enlightenment, and the deep love and hard work of traditional purple sand, the small achievements in Zisha Art Garden are a veritable young pottery artist.

High -profile pots, low -key people. No noise, nor humble or humble. Zhang Jie’s square instrument has never been deliberately stereotyped and pedantic, and more is to explain a simple and dignified and self -cultivation principle with the degree of hiding in the moisture and straightness. Finding the independent self -confidence and stubbornness of the world’s independence in the vulgar elegance makes people touch a bone and potential hidden in the lines and blocks. It was full before blooming, the accumulation before the outbreak, and the personality of publicity and pursuit of beauty in the simplicity of the simplicity. It can also be said to be low -key, simple and connotative.

Seeing this green “Yizen”, a impetuous heart seemed to return to calmness.