Dance in winter, little cute people must pay special attention to these points


Recently, the weather is cold that people can’t wait to wrap the quilt to go out to resist the cold. Thinking that you are still cute

persist in

Practice dance, I can’t help but want to give you a big one

Many parents have a lot of worries about their children’s winter dance

Worried +1: The dance service is so thin, it must be cold!


Worried +2: Will it be cold if you have ground?


Worried +3: Dancing and sweating, or not take off?

As the saying goes, “Three -nine in winter and three volts in summer”, winter dance is just a good time to exercise and temper will. Practice dance needs to be insisted on, but you should pay attention to dance in winter. Today, I will send you a small tip of winter dance in winter and take everyone to “dance”.

Winter dance dance tips,

Take you “dance” up

01 Pay attention to keep warm before warm -up

Why warm up?

The weather is cold, and the bones and muscles are stiff, so before the formal dance movement, the joints of the whole body must be moved. Warm up

From slow to fast, from light to heavy, gradually strengthen

Activity to enter the formal dance.

After changing the dance suit, you can put on a small sweater or coat for the baby to warm up, and wait for the class to take off your clothes.

02 Classes only need to wear dance clothes

Studies in the warm and comfortable classroom, the babies only need to wear dance shoes, dance socks, and dance suites needed for dance.

Many mothers are afraid of the baby, and wear a lot of clothes for the baby when dancing. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Bleak


In the warm classroom, you don’t need to wear your baby to take your own clothes for your own clothes. Bleak


Why not get rid of clothes other than dance clothes?

Because you will sweat after dancing, the baby is wearing wet clothes when you go home, and the chance of catching a cold is greater ~

And wearing breathable and sweat -absorbing dance clothes greatly reduced the cooling rate.

It will affect the children’s movements too thickly. Autumn pants have no elasticity. When we practice some stretching movements, autumn pants will restrain the child’s limb activity, and it may also lose a pair of pants.

03 Pay attention to adding clothes after dance

After taking a dance class, children will sweat more or less. After the classroom is out of class, parents should take their children to change their clothes in time to avoid colds and cold.

Why not drink water immediately after dance?

Drinking water immediately after exercise will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, and the speed of drinking water is too fast, which will increase the blood solubility too fast and increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, after dancing, you can’t drink too fast water, let alone drink cold water, otherwise it will affect the radiation of body temperature, causing colds, abdominal pain or other diseases. At this time we can rest for a while, drink a small amount of low frequency hot water.


It is the best time to practice dance and the fastest progress.


It is to strengthen


Physical Training



Dance training

part. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to in winter, and arrange dance time and intensity reasonably.

Because the bones are harder in winter, the body’s essence is in the stage of convergence internal care, so everyone must follow this principle when dancing, and step by step. Arrange training intensity according to the specific situation of your body, and it is not advisable to strengthen basic skills and flexibility training.


Xiao Duo Reminder reminds everyone: private practice needs to reduce basic skills training intensity and master the correct learning methods.


In winter, the amount of sweats of the body decreases due to the decrease in temperature. However, due to dry climate and decreased air humidity, it is easy to cause dry throat, lip cracks, nosebleeds, etc. Coupled with the moisture of the body loss of the body, it will increase the feeling of water deficiency in the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to drink warm water for a period of time. You can not only supplement the body due to the loss of sweat loss of the body, but also maintain the balance of the normal electrolyte of the body. Of course, you can also eat more fruits and fresh vegetables to relieve dryness.

Xiao Duo specially reminds: Eat more soft foods such as pears, apples, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables, etc., drink as little ice water as much as possible, you can carry the insulation cup with you, and the cold and warmth are beneficial to the supplement of water.

In winter, you must pay attention to the above points and pay attention to the maintenance of the body. Don’t affect your health because of a moment of negligence ~ You need to persist in dancing in winter and dance.