What experience does it have a good sofa?


Sofa, indispensable existence in furniture decoration. The morning dawn came out, and the sunset returned. This is the time that belongs to everyone, and it is the wonderful time in life. Sofa, pets, sunlight and lover, nesting in the sofa to enjoy the comfort brought by home, is the beautiful expectations of many people for life. The sofa carries the weight of a home. What does it feel like a good sofa? You can edit WeChat and share with you.


Elegant design, absolutely amazing, suitable for large and small units


Getaria Gitaria

This sofa is a star on Simon Li, and it is also designed by the boss. The imported scalp leather imported from the Brazilian head has retained the natural state of the leather to the greatest extent. The pores are small and firm, the breathability is good and elastic, and the comfort and abrasion resistance are impeccable.

This “star model” fashion single that rejected passers -by, can hold various colors with strength HOLD. This group of buyers’ custom models are made of high -end Italian imported Florence all green skin to get Getaria Gitaria Show a different temperament. Advanced “Yazu Brown” leather with a simple and unique design, showing the owner’s good taste.


@C *** 1: “This sofa is very nice. I was worried that when I saw it before, I was worried that buying the sofa on the Internet could not try to sit and colored the color difference, and I also chose a leather to be customized. It turns out that this leather is very advanced, and it is very advanced. The sitting feeling is also very comfortable, and the soft and hardness is moderate. The other one is that the scanned robot can go in, which is too suitable for me! “


Macon Meken


The classic and luxurious Macon Macon Macon has always been a very popular style of the Xiaoxi family. It adopts Brazil’s oral cowhide, and rivets are created by the superb master of craftsmanship. This caramel brown color is versatile and amazing! All leather sofas of the Simon Li family support more than 60 leather custom services to perfectly satisfy your small personality.

@***** Old: “I chose several people when I bought the sofa, and finally chose this sofa from Simon Li, which looks at the atmosphere, just suitable for my small living room. The delivery master is good. As the little girl in the store introduced to me, my color was tangled for a long time. The little girl in the store was patiently matched with me. I chose this one, which looks good! “


Exclusive to lazy people, the first choice for petty bourgeoisie


Mainz Mainz


This sofa comes with a “lazy” big sofa Mainz Mainz Mainz must have a name. The wide area and the large concubine are difficult to control themselves, and the second becomes “lying on the star”! Mainz Mainz is also a “hard -core” role with an electric function. It directly mini the global TOP 3 supplier’s safety motor, hidden switch design one -click touch, sitting, lying, lying easily, smooth opening and closing, smooth and superiority. Silent, strength capture your heart.

The overall shape and comfortable hand -wide handrail of the thick sofa, the super quiet and smooth electric opening and closing function, the “king” style in the Simon Li Electric sofa family is Mainz Mainz. Noon, entertainment, and gatherings can be stabilized to hold HOLD. The comfortable big house must -have sofa is worth your own.

@*: “The sofa is particularly grade! I don’t remember when I sit up, it’s really comfortable, falling asleep in minutes. Friends don’t want to leave when they come.”


Tahiti Tahiti

“One -click sitting on” electric function and wide and comfortable concubine, located in Tahiti Taci, who is in one, gives your house a dose of happy energy. The atmospheric design with elegant metal feet highlights the taste of the home. The unique adjustable head is caring for the tired cervical spine, and the powerful electric function control system makes leisure and entertainment more comfortable, and the home life can enjoy freedom!

@**** Dad: “This color is very good, the color is resistant to dirty and good care, and it is very good with our family. The guests who come to our new house are boasted on the sofa. The family is satisfied with the money! The workmanship is very good, and the bottom frame is firm. “

American tiger chair, sitting and quiet time

Gooding Gulin

The smooth overall lines, exquisite pull -point design and bubble nails, showing a strong American -style American tiger chair Gooding Gooding Goding is the face value of rendering the beauty of the American atmosphere. With the same pedal to create a comfortable casual corner, it is as simple as a cup of American coffee and enjoy the beautiful home life of the rainy season.


@*******: This has become my own exclusive world, you can nest here! The appearance material is impeccable, the sofa is not selected, the quality is very good, the sponge quality is good, the sitting is very comfortable, the color is also satisfactory, the delivery master is very professional and responsible! The appearance material is impeccable. “



More and more young people are considering changing the traditional living room pattern and designing themselves the most comfortable and convenient, the most “vertical” in their own space. Fashionable, small, and flexible small single chairs are the best choices. This set of literary and artistic buyer shows, from the Simon Li Xiaoshi chair Owyhee Aohuai, the gloss of the first layer of cowhide can be learned, the exquisite appearance and the design of ergonomics are very good, and the face value is both online. With such a small single chair, every day of the house can open a good mood.

@*** 8: “The face value and texture, comfortable and atmospheric, I like it very much! The leather is very good, the sitting feels comfortable, lamenting how good the eyes are.

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The sofa is a warm existence in the living room, and it is also an important part of the living room home. The sofa layout can also play new ideas to create a new feeling for space. Making home life is more interesting. Choosing a sofa layout plan for the home is also the operation of the family. Today, I brought you the most authentic buyer shows. The Simon Li family has a variety of sofa styles, and there are many colors to match. We will announce the latest models and preferential activities in the community. You can leave a message or private message to understand.