Taking into account health and practicality, Rosle Yixule supplemented food for small milk pots for maternal and infants to take more care


With the growth of the baby, Bao Da Baomao will inevitably add supplementary food to the baby’s menu. Rice paste, vegetables, meat, fruits and other ingredients will gradually become the baby’s daily nutritional source. Cooking for the baby will also become a daily kitchen. work. For modern families, for the health of the baby, it is necessary to prepare a set of kitchen utensils to make supplementary food alone.


Small capacity and high -quality pots are more suitable for making infant food. It is produced by the German century -old brand Rosle Yixule. In addition to the material, there is a lot of intimate and practical details than the average small milk pot in design. It can also solve the troubles and reduce the burden of cooking for Bao Da Bao’s mother.

Babies need more care. For the cooking utensils for cooking baby food, the most important thing is the safety and health of the material. ROSLE Yile Silence Pro® Master series small milk pot uses 18/10 medical -grade stainless steel. It is the best stainless steel in the kitchenware industry. Material, the baby’s daily supplementary food can be handed to it with peace of mind.

The amount of foods for babies is often relatively small, and it is more suitable for cooking with small -capacity pots. Compared with ordinary pots, it is easier to control the weight. Rosle Yichele Silence Pro® Master series small milk pot with a caliber of 16cm and only 1L of capacity. It is used to make complementary foods. There is a clear scale on the inner wall of the pot. The baby’s intake can be easily grasped. Due to the small size, this pot is also very suitable for making foods that make sauce, breakfast, heating milk, and small amounts of heating. It can be said that each kitchen is indispensable for such a small milk pot.

Small but complete. Rosle Yixule’s small bite of milk pot also has a three -layer composite structure. There is a 5mm thick aluminum core layer in the bottom of the pot, which can play a role in rapid heat conduction. Cooking energy saving and saving time, and at the same time, the pot body is evenly heated and not easy to paste the pot. The bottom of the pot does not pick the stove, which is very practical for the daily cooking of the family.


The designer of Rosle Yixule was thoughtful for the Bao Bao Bao, and it covered the food -grade silicone intimately for the handle. The heat -resistant was 160 ° C. It can effectively prevent hot hands and cook more at ease. The raised design on the handle is convenient for placing spatulas to avoid cross -pollution. It is clean and hygienic, but also saves space. The baby’s health is more guaranteed.

Most of the babies’ complementary foods are paste or soup. Rosle Yichele Silence PRO® Master’s series of small milk cookers can save a lot of trouble for Bao Da Bao’s mother. One more worry -free.


Kitchenware is particularly important for Bao Da Bao’s mother, not only saving time, but also reduces fatigue. ROSLE Yile Silence Pro® Master series small milk cookers are very easy to clean. The smooth stainless steel pot surface and the design without dead angles are not easy to residue food and bacteria. Cooking many times, no need to worry about this, you can have more time and energy to be left to yourself and his family.

The arrival of the baby is a happy thing. Accompanied and caring for the baby is a tired and happy thing. For the baby’s daily nutrition, choose a healthy and peaceful pot for TA -let ROSLE Yixiangle The small milk pot helps you share this sweet burden and grow up with your baby health.