The wall paint seems simple, but you must pay attention everywhere.


Now the decoration work at home will basically find the right -track construction team. In this project, whether it is ordinary white walls or various types of furniture, it is inseparable from paint. In the process, these points to be said must be known.

Precautions for painting

Surface treatment before painting


The surface treatment before painting is very important, and different grassroots materials treatment methods are also different. If you paint on the wall, you need to judge the flatness of the wall. The depression places need to be filled with it, and the raised place is to flatten it.

If you paint some wooden furniture, first of all, the dust on the surface of the furniture should be treated. Secondly, it must be cleaned in depth for places with burrs. It is best to use sandpaper to polish the surface of the wooden furniture.


2. Before painting, you need to paint


In order to prevent the alkali return behind the house, it is best to perform a bottom coating first, which will save the paint and get a good painting effect.

3. The amount of coatings

At the beginning, in addition to considering the quality of the brand of paint, and the color symbol of the paint does not conform to the entire decoration style, the amount of paint is also considered.

According to the area of ​​the paint, the number of coatings is needed to be purchased. Generally, the number of numbers is to be purchased is generally more than the actual number, so as to prevent it from being re -purchased to be re -purchased. It is more troublesome.

4. Paint weather

For example, it is not recommended to paint paint on rainy days and snowy days, and there is no need to brush in the end of winter, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the quality of construction and progress.

5. Paint number

In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to brush 2-3 times. The first time is more casual. You can use the paint roller to paint. The corner is painted with a small brush. After the grinding is complete, the second paint is performed to make the coatings evenly distributed as even as possible.

Painting and polishing technique


not recommend

After all the paint is completed, one -time polishing is performed, which is likely to cause the wall to not smooth and have no gloss.


2. Generally

Pick up every time


After all, you must do it


Properly polishing


Using the putty knife before the paint is not dry, if some areas appear


The situation can be selected

The shovel is scraped.

3, use


The strength to grasp the operation is relatively easy, so when painting in the last time, it is better to choose sandpaper for polishing.

Small destruction


It is not easy to affect beauty.

Therefore, it is better to make a simple understanding of paint before home improvement. After all, the paint must be used in many places in the decoration process. The more you know, the more you feel more at ease.