Creating a learning machine as a game console, experience the classic small bully 486D, the memories of a generation


Reject parameters, only talk about experience, pay attention to the guide dogs, and truly interpret your familiar digital products. This article is expected to take 3 minutes.

Speaking of game consoles, each generation may be different from the perception and understanding of this. For example, in most post -90s impressions, the game console is a learning machine, and the learning machine is Little Bawang, especially the phrase “Little Tyrannosaine The voice of endlessness can be described as rotten streets. In this issue, Xiaobian shared with you the SB-486D classic Chinese and English learning machines from Xiao Bawang. It created a precedent for using the game machine as a learning machine, representing the memories of a generation.

From the appearance, the body of this 486D Chinese -English computer learning machine is a keyboard. Although it is called “computer”, there is only one keyboard after all, and the device similar to “host” is actually installed in the learning machine body. Under the rough look, the front of the 486D is the standard 108 key, including small keyboards and various shortcut keys, navigation keys, etc. On the back of the machine, the bump layout, the distribution of the four rubber pads is regular, and it is placed on the desktop to solidly anti -slip. From the material point of view, 486D shells are used in plastic, but the texture is very good. Even if the “core” is installed, the overall weight is similar to the current peripheral keyboard, and it may be slightly heavier.


In addition to the appearance, the 486D interface and keys are very different. The first is a common and necessary interface. It is divided into power cords and RF radio frequency ports. The two line heads can be connected to the power socket and TV to use the machine normally. The radio frequency radiation is very strong. At that time, there were always neighbors playing games, and the TV at home also followed the scene of the game screen. The second is to turn on and reset and reset the key, the stuck port, the printer port, the handle port, etc., which are also necessary interfaces. These interfaces are connected by the power supply and radio frequency plus, and the handle is inserted. This set of 486D body and TV is called a Chinese -English computer learning machine.

Daily use 486D, there are two modes, one is a learning machine, and the other is a game console. The learning machine does not need any peripherals. It depends on the keyboard itself, but it is different from the general keyboard. The 486D keyboard has a five -character root distribution. It is used with a special learning card to practice five strokes. There are too many projects that can be practiced, and the stuck is opened, which contains roots practice, first -level simplified code, secondary simple code, and so on. The design training scenario is a boat with a belt roots floating on the water. Press the corresponding root button, and then press the empty grid key to sink the boat. This is a version of the year. In the later period, the learning card belt is upgraded. The game scene of the roots practice is replaced. Each word balloon is floating in the sky. One person holds the bow and arrow, and then press the corresponding word roots and the space key to shoot the arrow. Compared with the fishing boat scene, the interaction of the bow and arrow scene was stronger. At that time, it was relying on this card belt. When I was in elementary school, Xiaobian practiced the five strokes and was familiar with it.


After talking about the learning mode, then I will talk about another core game mode of the learning machine. The 486D standard has only one learning card, which is called learning. Of course, this is not false. It was the reason for this noble reason that that even if its price exceeded two or three hundred yuan, some parents gritted their teeth to grit their teeth. Buy it. However, how can a learning card be sufficient, so just two consecutive three -concludes of buying a game card, just secretly buying parents. To put it bluntly, the attributes and essences of the learning machine have not changed, but the card belt has changed, and it becomes a 4 -in -1, 3 -in -1 game of each ace combination. Adventure Island played above the 5th generation, Soul Dou Luo played more than 10 generations, as well as the Saudi snake, three -eyed boy, ninja Long Jianzhuan, etc., continued to clear the customs.


When playing the game, the handle is inseparable. The editor’s hand is still a square handle of the original 486D. The shape of this handle is actually not very easy to use, because the fingers are difficult to have good efforts, and the operation continuity is poor. Its advantage is good quality, the key is good, and it is very durable. At the same time, because it is the original accessory, the handle is divided into the main handle and the subcormed, and the separation of the suspension of the reduction button is distinguished. Relatively speaking, in the later period, you can also match the “M” handle by yourself. This handle does not have the main and sidelines. There are pause and reset buttons, but the two keys inserted into the side handle can not work. Compared with the original handle, the “M” handle is obviously more smooth, but the third -party small factory is not durable, and often fails to use it in a few months.

Now playing the little overlord, I can’t find a big brick TV that can be connected. Fortunately, there is also a 32 -inch old LCD, which is inserted to the coaxial port port to switch the simulation signal search platform. The familiar picture appears again. Use your own learning card to see the familiar roots and programming language menus. The roots exercise can also find some feelings and play, but the Basic language looked at the mist, and now it is still aggressive. Draw down the learning card, plug in the game card, and there is a large bag of card belt in the drawer. Only cards are left. There is no outer packaging. You can only insert them one by one to try. Due to the age, some card bands can not be recognized. Guess it is an aging failure, but it has also been identified, all of which are 4 -in -1 bands, including soul Dou Luo, Tomahawk, Chinese Daxian, Soul Men Luo, Squirrel War, etc. Essence


On the whole, this little bully SB-486D is very new, normal, smooth, and is the original “genuine machine”. Interestingly, seeing the full name on the packaging, 486D marked the Chinese and English computer learning machine. The name is very long, and the function is also deserved. Of course, using the current standards, the functional interface of the machine is a bit outdated, which is why there are 4K and HDMI replicas on Taobao. In general, Xiao Bawang is a phenomenal product, and the classic light is still.