Spring new net celebrities are loose, lazy wind V -neck sweater knitwear girls


In the warm spring day, in fact, this sweater is made of a variety of yarns, which feels comfortable and soft. With elastic single season, it can give you a full sense of comfort and warmth, and one upper body can be fashionable. What style of this style of this knitting sweater is made of a variety of yarn, and the feel is comfortable and soft. It is the most thinner. It is not a V -neck sweater. It can easily show the charming collarbone curve beauty, and it can also give a good face shape. It is very thin and beautiful.

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“Fashion Knit sweater” temperament V -neck


There is a kind of exclusive woman’s beauty. Its beauty is full of spirituality, which immediately has a light temperament. Its beauty is suitable for nakedness. It is a beautiful landscape on the body.

“Different sexy” V -neck “Be careful”

V -neck has always been on the fashion stage



If the role of weightlifting is light, it can make the neck look long, the cheeks are small, and the shoulders are narrow. It is important that it can reveal sexy collarbone. For girls with full figure Sexy and charming.

“Highlight Interpretation” temperament V -neck


Slowly stretching the V -neck will find out wonderfully, its shape is like a peach heart. In this area of ​​the heart, the sexy collarbone parts are carried, so it is clear why V -neck can be connected with sexy. This is actually a hit.

“Fashion Trends” Personalized Bian Bian


At the cuffs and necklines, simple stripes are not only enhanced the brightness, but the overall looks more delicate. This loose sleeve with a visual effect is a lazy wind -style V -neck sweater top, full of vitality, and wearing very fashionable and durable.

“Loose version” casual and elegant

The loose version of the shoulder, the clavicle curve of the personality, is particularly resistant to, warm and elegant color, highlighting the intellectual elegant feminine temperament. It has a strong oblique pop -up performance, more comfortable closely!

“Fabric Analysis” is comfortable and soft

This sweater is made of a variety of yarn, which feels comfortable and soft. It has elasticity, soft, comfortable to wear, naturally, will not cause allergies!

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