Shan Ling Yi Yixing Star CM-8809 Changan Oliwei Special Navigation


Shan Ling and Shan Ying Yicai Yingxing CM-8809 is a vehicle navigation dedicated to Changan Ouliwei Automobile. The built-in Kuge audio and video system can not be damaged to restore the sound quality and bring more shocking English enjoyment. At present, this product is on There are sale, the price is 1,000 yuan.

Shan Ling Yi Yi Yi’s Star CM-8809

Shan Ling Yi uses star CM-8809 to seamlessly perfectly perfect with Changan Oliwei Automobile, red and black with classic and generous, and red data shows that it is more conducive to users to watch clearly in various circumstances, and the left-right button design is also easy to operate; and also Using the simplest and integrated UI design, one -click starting navigation, faster. More free.

Shan Ling Yi uses star CM-8809 is also a multi-functional product of navigation, cool song video, and DVD, with its own DSA navigation map, data is updated every week, and strives to bring the latest and most comprehensive information to users, to users Plan the most time -saving and reasonable route.

In addition, Shan Lingyi uses star CM-8809 can also be equipped with CMMB digital mobile TV and dedicated radar probe, that is, you can enjoy wonderful TV programs during the car, and you can accurately detect mobile early warning devices , Ensure driving safety.

Product Name: Good Light Easy to use Star CM-8809

Reference price: 1000 yuan

Buy the mall: Taobao

Shan Ling Yi Yi Yi’s Star CM-8809