The daily exquisite dresses of the elderly, real and natural grounding, casually bring a little bit of fashion


#What to wear today#

At a certain age, women must learn to love themselves. Even if they go out of the street daily, they should show their charm with a delicate image so that they can always have a good mood. For the exquisite shapes in daily life, most people will hope to have high comfort and use common items to create a sense of fashion.


If you want to wear those unpretentious items to characteristics, stacking method is the most commonly used fashion method, and it will have unexpected effects after use.


The charm of stacking, easy to have layered beauty


The charm of stacking style is to create a good -looking sense of layering, and stacking is not necessarily accumulated all kinds of elements. After all, middle -aged and elderly people want to be more concise.

T -shirts and knitted vests are common items. In the early summer, wearing T -shirts not only looks thin, but may also be a bit slightly cold. The caramel color creates a high -level sense. Wide -legged suit pants are the same as the color as the top. It maintains a high degree of unity in color tone, and the high effect is also significant.

Even after retirement, middle -aged and elderly women still want to have the exquisite sense of professionalism, so you can choose a vest suit jacket as an outer coat. Black calmness and three -dimensional sense of suit can create a high -level model. The bright goose yellow long skirt not only has a long skirt to create a gentle posture, but the fresh color is easily achieved by age. The light and light color combination, not dull and not monotonous, easily achieve the effect of avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Daily wear can also be transformed into retro girls. The dark green used in vest skirts is full of retro style. With an elegant hat, both the texture and the version are paying tribute to the Hong Kong style. The inner tops are used to create an age reduction effect through the fungus of the neckline and sleeves. The skirt requires the addition of the belt to show more figure.


The combination of T -shirts and sports shorts is simply vibrant. In summer, it is very common whether it is short -sleeved top or super shorts, especially the black and white combination is even more ordinary. At this time Make a shawl to create a sense of layering. The bright red and the color of the socks echo the color, and the gorgeous visual sense can get a higher return rate.


If you want to have a more comfortable dressing experience, the clothes version should not be too loose, especially when everyone chooses to contrast in early summer, the gentle apricot and white can give people a refreshing feeling. Add a small shawl at the neckline. Both the classic plaid or printing process use the details to win, with a weaving hat and weaving basket, the natural atmosphere is very sufficient.

The tenderness of the skirt is incomparable with other items, especially for middle -aged and elderly women, elegant long skirts are their first choice.


Gentle Fan’er choose skirts, daily small and delicate

Different materials and long skirts created by different designs will also be different, especially after matching other accessories, it is more delicate.

The addition of wave dot elements has laid the French elegance for this set of styles, especially the satin material used in the skirt body, which is full of gloss. The color of the black wave dot and the top echoed the color More clean and concise, it will not feel dazzling. The light silk fabric top combines the lace element of the neckline, the shape is full of femininity.

Although the net yarn is not liked by young people today, for middle -aged and elderly women, it is a must -have shape for dancing square dance. Even if the light fabrics are overlapping through multiple layers, they will not look bloated. In the sense of immortality, the tops and hats use elegant blue. After the softness of the knitted fabric is added to the embroidered flowers, a bit of classical charm is added to the original gentle tone. Naturally, it is loved by women who like gentle wind.


Compared to the gauze skirt, the long skirt of chiffon fabric will be more cool and comfortable after the upper body. This is also the material that is popular with everyone in the early summer. The version of the skirt is relatively loose. Essence This jacket version is a bit close to, so that the combined combination can maintain a comfortable body curve while maintaining comfort. After the back chain bag, the image of the whole person is a lot of three -dimensional.

Although this plaid skirt uses the same color blue, different depths will also form a clear contrast. Compared with the fresh blue, the dark blue is significantly more advanced. If you feel that you have a good figure, you can choose such loose long skirts. On the basis of high waistline, the long skirt will not be short, but the proportion of the entire body will be optimized. The whole person also has a little expensive wife.


The addition of the print element makes this yellow long skirt with a sense of vitality, and it becomes classic. The printed pattern at the bottom right of the skirt is full of natural and simple atmosphere, which is in line with the summer atmosphere, especially the hat and handbag. The weaving technology adopted is naturally elegant. The characteristic of the V -neck knitted top is that it can combine with clavicle hair to make the shoulder and neck line more perfect.

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