Leather multi -function steering wheel


The humanized configuration of large -scale panoramic sunroof, leather multi -function steering wheel, and seat electric adjustment will also greatly improve its ride comfort.This means that the cannon pickup card may also be equipped with L2 -level intelligent driving assistance, showing the industry’s strength to the industry.These configurations undoubtedly improved its ride comfort and reached the level of “latecomers”.The rear door of the LED light source is also very kind.This is the first passenger pickup equipped with a reverse car side warning system.Speaking of the configuration of traditional pickups, I think most people first popped out in the minds of people should be the cannon pickup card.In the case of changing the manual gearbox, whether it is more smooth or subtractable or on the potholes of the potholes of the road conditions, it can be easily dealt with.At the same time, the car also has the configuration of front seat heating, wireless charging, and main driving seat 6 -way electric adjustable. The top version can also have a L2 -level autonomous driving assistance system.And this configuration, even many off -road models dare not imagine.