What kind of milk powder should I choose? What kind of milk powder to eat is the best


We all know that his best food after the baby is born is breast milk, because the nutrition contained in it is the most abundant, and of course it does not contain other substances. The additives or preservatives contained in it. It can be said that it is the most natural nutritious food. However, many Baoma will encounter a situation of insufficient milk, and some people will go back to work immediately after confinement.


So no matter what the situation is, for those babies who can’t eat mothers’ milk, you have to choose other things instead. I believe that many parents will give their children a more suitable milk powder. Why is it suitable rather than the best? This is mainly because the situation of each baby is different, so the milk powder that other babies drink may not be drinking their babies.

Therefore, the situation of each baby is different, and the choice of milk powder is also different. For example, for people’s shoes, premature children, his milk powder does not contain lactose. For ordinary babies, of course, there are also favorite flavors and milk powder he is suitable for. Therefore, when the mothers choose milk powder, they only need to choose the suitable child. The baby does not get angry after eating milk powder, or there is no other bad response. This is right.

However, for the brand, it is still recommended that you choose to buy those big brands, because this is more guaranteed. If it is a small brand, not only its quality is not guaranteed, but also in terms of health. Assure. Moreover, many people are supervised by many people, and they are better done in all aspects, so that the baby is more assured if you drink it.


When Baoma chooses milk powder for the baby, you must go to those regular stores, because there are really too many bad merchants now, if you accidentally, you may let your baby eat counterfeit milk powder, and In order to be able to seek more benefits, these merchants can really do anything that hurts. Therefore, when choosing milk powder, babies must go to those places to sell milk powder, so that children eat healthy.

Another is the ingredients contained in various milk powder. In fact, no matter how much the ingredients are in it, as long as this milk powder is close to breast milk, it is best. Because even if there are too many components, babies can’t absorb. Therefore, mothers must not listen to others’ rhetoric, as long as they choose the closest to breast milk ingredients.