How to identify the authenticity of the real lush velvet scarf


How about the velvet scarf? How to identify the authenticity of the true velvet scarf?

In winter, scarves are indispensable accessories. The Spring Festival is approaching. In addition to traditional cashmere and wool scarves in the market, there is also a brand new

Real velvet scarf

真丝拉绒围巾怎么样 怎样鉴别真丝拉绒围巾的真假

The latest high -end silk products developed with ultra -fine velvet processing technology make the traditional real silk completely “change”, breaking the limitations of the big cold sky and no real silk scarf.

Different from the traditional silk single -sided weaving, this reallavist scarf uses 100 % natural high -quality pure silk stereo woven, which has better warmth. Plusal is called “the second skin of the human body”. The surface of the scarf has breathable holes, which is similar to human skin tissue. It is suitable for human micro -climate requirements, and it is very soft, so

It is very comfortable to be around, and it will not be like cashmere and wool texture scarves. There is a problem with tie neck

At the same time, keep warm, moisturizing and hygienic.

With the reallavist scarf popular, there are many scarves that appear on the market with the banner of “pulling down” but there are no “silk”. So how to distinguish between true and false?

You can identify the authenticity and advantages and disadvantages of the real velvet scarf by seeing and touching. Select the pull -up scarf made of natural high -quality pure silk, with silk

真丝拉绒围巾怎么样 怎样鉴别真丝拉绒围巾的真假

Soft luster, not dazzling

真丝拉绒围巾怎么样 怎样鉴别真丝拉绒围巾的真假

And fabric with chemical fibers

The gloss is not soft, bright and dazzling

; High -quality real velvet scarf feels soft, close to the skin and comfortable.

For consumers, the simplest and direct way of identification is to use

真丝拉绒围巾怎么样 怎样鉴别真丝拉绒围巾的真假



真丝拉绒围巾怎么样 怎样鉴别真丝拉绒围巾的真假

If the mulberry silk is the raw material, there is a odor when burning, it is difficult to renew, it will go out of itself, the ashes are powder -shaped

Essence Chemical fiber products are refined by oil. After burning, they will make the ball. At the same time, there is no protein odor when burning. Cashmere is similar to silk when burning, and only needs to see the naked eye to distinguish the two.