The child runs around and often bumps. Choosing an anti -collision angle is critical


What is a collision corner

Anti -collision angle is the sharp corner placed on the furniture, which can protect the protective object that can not be damaged by these sharp corners.

It is generally made of NBR, PVC (medical) and other materials, which can be effectively protected to naughty family members.

So, is it really necessary to buy a collision corner? What are the precautions to use the anti -collision angle? How to choose the anti -collision angle?

Let’s take a look together!

Is it necessary to buy the anti -collision angle?


Most children around the age of 1 will leave, and they can move slowly by themselves, and adults cannot look at them all the time. If they hit the sharp corners in these furniture, it is very dangerous.

Therefore, placing a collision corner at these sharp corners can reduce the possibility of children’s injury.


· Uses:

The right angles in the home decoration can be placed on this product, both glass corners, table corners, corners, etc.

This product can be installed in places in furniture decoration, such as: desktop, corner, etc., can be right angles or plane.

Not only can it protect family members, but also to protect home products, and can play a role in protecting glass horns, door corners, coffee tables, etc.

· The range of applicable materials is wide:

Various home materials are suitable, and cement, tiles, wooden boards, etc. are all possible.

Therefore, its advantages are obvious and necessary.


Precautions for using the anti -collision angle


Generally, the collision corners are thick, soft, and very flexible. They have double -sided glue themselves, which can firmly stick to the sharp corners, which can effectively reduce the chance of children’s damage.


The following points need to be paid attention to:

1. Before use, wipe the places to be pasted to ensure no dust, no stains, and can stick firmly.

2. During the pasting process, put the rubber on the surface of the anti -collision angle, and then press it with your hands to avoid bubbles.

3. After sticking, don’t try it right away. You should wait until 12h.

4. If the anti -collision angle is to be removed and pulled from the horizontal direction, it can be removed smoothly, and you should not pull from other directions.

5. If the glue sticks to the furniture, you can pour some warm water to the surface of the colloid. Wipe it with a clean rag a few times to smoothly wipe it.

6. During the installation process, do not stain the rubber pads, do not touch it repeatedly, and repetitive paste.


7. Children’s curiosity is relatively heavy, so it is best not to install and remove them in front of them to prevent them from imitating these actions and loosen the anti -collision angle.

How to choose anti -collision angle

1. Appearance

(1) Right -angle.

The shape of the collision angle is diverse. Among all shapes, the fitting effect of the right -angle with furniture products is the best. It can be used for three -dimensional packaging from three orientation.

(2) Ball shape.


The spherical shape is relatively round, and the spherical part is missing in the middle of the spherical shape, which is better for use;


(3) Cartoon shape.

Cartoon -shaped products are more diverse and can stimulate children’s imagination.


These types of shapes have their own advantages and can be selected as needed. Children have a strong perception of color, and can have the perception of color at more than 100 days.

Therefore, when choosing, you may wish to choose some bright colors and cute styles.

2. Scope of application

When choosing, you should choose the most wide range of applications. You can install it at any time that parents think they will cause their children to cause damage.

And it is best to bring your own glue pads and double -sided glue, which can stick to it very firmly and reduce the degree of damage.


3. Material

No matter what shape and scope of applicable collision angle, first of all, you must ensure that the purchase of environmental protection, non -toxic, and pollution -free.

(1) Foam material.

The surface of this material is not rough, smooth, soft, and better. It can significantly reduce the damage when the young children are bumped.

There are materials that prevent tearing in the inside, and the special structure can strengthen the intensity of pulling resistance. When choosing a product of this material, remember to see its formaldehyde test.

(2) Silicone material.

From all aspects, this material is very in line with the requirements of filling materials. It is a permanent material. It is healthy and environmentally friendly. It is difficult for bacteria to survive on it.

In addition, light and most chemicals cannot affect it, and viscosity will not be changed by temperature.

However, when buying, remember to observe whether there is a odor, and see if it belongs to the unqualified second -hand renewable products on the market.

4. Patch

In addition to the above aspects, you should also see if the double -sided glue adopted belongs to the genuine 3M adhesive. If it is fake, the sticky time is relatively short and the stickiness is weak.

Removal method of collision angle

Sometimes parents are worried that the products sold in the market are safe enough to effectively reduce the degree of injury during collision.


Therefore, parents can also make full use of the materials around them, such as sponge pads, and other collision corners. Here are some methods to use home idle supplies from the anti -collision corner:

1. Beverage bottle cap

Materials: bottle cap, double -sided glue, scissors

Method: Prepare a large number of bottle caps and trim along the side of the bottle cap. Do not cut the surface of the bottle cap during trimming. You can cut it about one -half.

After trimming, you can stick them tightly to the sharp corners with glue stickers.

2. ground pad

Materials: floor mats, universal glue, scissors

Method: Meng the width of the sharp corner of the parcel, cut the ground pad into equal width strips, and then stick it to the sharp corner with glue.

3. Pearl cotton board

Materials: pearl cotton board, scissors, double -sided glue

Method: Meng the width of the sharp corner to be wrapped, cut the cotton plate into equal width strips, and then wrap it around the sharp corners with glue. This method is much more beautiful and generous than the above two.

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