Wang Zixuan Pure Campus Photo, JK uniform fresh literature and art, double twist braid temperament is agile


Speaking of the name of Wang Zixuan, some friends may be unfamiliar. She is a film and television actress in Mainland China. Since participating in the campus selection event “The Most Beautiful Girl” in 2014, she has been recognized by more people; The Mystery of the Little Demon Fairy Study.

Now that Wang Zixuan has developed in the circle for several years, and has also brought up a lot of film and television works, whether it is the second season of the inspirational idol drama “Whirlwind Girl”, or the suspense reasoning drama “Youth Police”, etc., it is relatively good. The film and television works, acting skills are recognized by netizens.


Although Wang Zixuan is not famous in the circle, his strength and quality are not inferior. In recent years, many classics have been made in recent years. Perhaps the reputation and ratings are slightly average. Many friends will also find that Wang Zixuan’s acting skills have made significant progress.

In addition to having strong business capabilities, Wang Zixuan is also very tasteful in fashion dressing. He has unique insights on various private clothes Look. He has a unique charm of daily dressing. Recently, he has shared private photos on social networks. The look is beautiful and eye -catching.

Wang Zixuan’s pure campus photo, JK uniform is fresh and artistic, double twist braid temperament is agile. Recently, Wang Zixuan filmed a fashion blockbuster, wearing a set of black and white look, interpreting campus photos, JK uniforms are full of youthful girls, double twist braid hairstyles are fresh and artistic, showing a smart girly temperament.

The white short -sleeved shirt version is simple, and the pure white tone is elegant and elegant; below is the black skirt, the small skirt style is added to the pleated effect, and the hem is put into the waist of the skirt, which looks simple and capable; “White socks”, looking at the sweet eye -catching legs.

White dress is fresh and pure

Wang Zixuan, born in 1998, is now about 23 years old, and you are full of vitality. This time, he wore a white dress to appear in the photo. It looked simple and refreshing, generous, and very attractive.

This small white skirt is simple and simple. It is a very simple and simple style. It is embellished with green printing on the chest to add some exquisite highlights, which will not look too monotonous; The slim waist is even more charming.


White pants look and elegant and elegant


It is also white look, but there is still a big difference in dress shape and trousers; this time Wang Zixuan wore a set of white trousers look to appear in the photo, looking very elegant and generous; short -sleeved tops are similar to the shirt version of the shirt version. Type, the cardigan effect is embellished with black buttons in front, adding a little delicate highlight; below is paired with the same color casual shorts, penta pants, wide -leg pants version, and the legs are more slender and slender. Simple, still very attractive.

Khaki color trench coat+black and white look

Wang Zixuan has a strong sense of fashion, and the taste of private server is also very picky. He can always use simple and simple items to match unique fashion charm; this time wearing a set of black and white basic models to appear, white pullover as internal items, the following is a one below Black tight trousers, black and white with simple and generous, khaki trench coats add girly atmosphere, step on cream socks and white casual shoes, the overall look is still very attractive.



Do you like Wang Zixuan’s fashion look?