In the scenic area, the woman wore a tight skirt with a long cotton boot, and the tourists said they did not understand


Although New China is a new trend and new trend, and many people advocate freedom of personality, but affected by thousands of years of traditional culture, most people still cannot accept many different things.

For example, many people can’t see strange costumes, and their hair is dyed in colorful, and many people can’t help but point at them.

On April 25, according to netizens, a woman was wearing a big red tight dress in a scenic spot in Yunnan, and below was paired with a pair of big red long tubes over knee and cotton boots. Many tourists said they didn’t understand. Everyone looked at her with curiosity. I don’t know if her body is dressed in winter or summer.

Mr. Ding is from Chengdu, Sichuan. When he encounters some troubles in business, he intends to travel to travel to travel with himself. The first stop he goes is Lijiang, Yunnan.

In this spring and summer alternation season, many people have taken off their heavy jackets. Mr. Ding is a type that is not afraid of cold. Others are wearing long shirts. He has put on short sleeves.

He settled in the hotel in advance, put his luggage in the room, and went out to hang out on the ancient city street of Lijiang.

Just when Mr. Ding felt boring, a group of red passed by his eyes. He looked up and saw a Mo Deng girl in two meters away.

The lady looked at her in her early 40s. She was dazzling red on her body. Her hair was behind her head, and she also had a pair of sunglasses.


The most striking thing is her clothing match. She is wearing a red tight dress and a red dyeing scarf on her neck. Even the card on her head is red. The most terrible thing is that in this spring and summer alternation season, she even wore a pair of red -knee high cotton boots on her feet!


Many tourists looked at her with curiosity, some tourists covered their mouths, and some people directly pointed at her and laughed.

However, this fashionable girl is not affected by others. She is completely immersed in her world, holding her mobile phone constantly changing the angle, changing her posture selfie, and smiling at the photos in the mobile phone from time to time. very satisfied.

Mr. Ding also became interested in the woman in red in an instant, not only her dress, but also her mysterious confidence.

The appearance of a woman in red changed the boring tourist state of Mr. Ding. The next day, he was studying the woman most of the time, but he never figured out where the lady’s confidence came from.


What clothes to wear, what hairstyles, and makeups, these are the freedom of everyone. We should not comment on others casually. We should respect everyone’s aesthetics.

The clothing of women in red really makes people feel somewhat unclear. Summer skirts with winter cotton boots, most people do not wear it like this, but as long as she feels comfortable and pleasing to the eye, we do n’t need to treat her as an onlooker. Top head talk.

Mr. Ding did not have prejudice to women in red like most tourists. He looked at a usual heart, and his approach was more appropriate.

Everyone has the right to pursue their love, and it is also a kind of exaggeration to dress up. I think that as long as her dress does not cause visual pollution to others, she should be accepted and respected.