Brother’s women’s shoes men: ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 16 top women’s running shoes


First of all, I still have to thank Aunt Zhang. Without her, I wo n’t have these many articles of chopping hands and tears to witness!

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Secondly, this is also a late exposure. This pair of shoes is reunion with my last exposure running shoes: Brooks Brooks Glycerin 11 men’s cushioned running shoes came from the same order, all purchased from STP. So what happened during this time?

Some students who have read my previous part may still remember that I said at the end of the article that I registered the 2015 Phuket Marathon in Thailand. In fact,

I am not directly signing up for the competition,


Sign up to participate in well-known domestic travel websites-

The special marathon theme tour organized by Qunar

Essence Among them, some information is not displayed on the page, published on the WeChat public account: For the sake

Test the newly developed marathon theme travel show

, Public Recruitment


Marathon enthusiast

Free (focus on these two words)

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Experience this event! Intersection After several rounds of screening, I received a phone call at noon on the day of the exposure of the exposure and confirmed to get it.

Free quota!


I know that many friends here will ask:

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Why didn’t I share this information in Aunt Zhang? Intersection How can I get a chance to get a free participation in this event?

Answer the following:

This information is very effective, mainly because of the speed. I usually use a lot of travels. I also pay attention to the official public account of The first time I saw the news, I responded to the mail to catch up with the opportunity. Essence Even if I sent Aunt Zhang as soon as possible, I passed the review, and the time was definitely too late. After all,

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

10 free places are too rare for millions of runners across the country

; As far as I know, has similar activities recently, including

At the end of the year, there are also ten free places in the Japanese Kobe Marathon (currently there is no certainty, I don’t know), you can pay attention to the official public account of “where to go” and “where to go” and get the fastest information. .

(Xiaobian Yingxin: I am not a advertisement, but also for benefits for the majority of friends!)

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

After that, there are all kinds of preparation, and at the same time, prepare for the new job of interview

(Facts prove that “the world is so big, I want to see it,” this sentence is not effective, and based on my own disappointment of the previous job, I chose to leave at this time!)

Then, the new job was determined on the day before going to Thailand! After that, I started to start with An Anxin

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Guangzhou-> Shanghai-> Phuket-> Shanghai-> Guangzhou 11th Tour.

After I came back, I was looking for a house, and at the same time faced the challenges of new jobs! I originally wanted to send something on the fifth anniversary of Aunt Zhang, but it was a little busy, so I only have time to write something today!

I sincerely hope that Aunt Zhang will do better and better! Give you more benefits!

So much nonsense, collect it! Intersection Intersection Start the order! Buy the link here:

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Last order details:

This pair of ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 16, coupled with the two pairs of glycerin 11 of me and daughter-in-law, a total of

188.91 knife (plus the courier fee, equivalent to 1409 yuan)

Essence Among them, this pair of shoes

Trusting about 520 yuan

(The meritorious boots I bought with me last year, the accompanying 1011 kilometers: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 15 men’s running shoes are basically the same).

Look at the state of the three pairs of shoes when you see the goods. Essence

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Related parameters:

Many students may ask: Why buy double women’s shoes for men? Intersection First of all, I want to explain: My brother is not a problem! It’s just because he thinks those men’s colors are not good -looking (you have to admit that the shoes of the A family are easy to wear, but the color scheme is too lazy to talk!), As a man, his

The feet are really small and thin at the same time

It proves that these shoes have been bought right afterwards, which is very suitable!

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Continue to see the big picture:

The background is still national sheets. Essence So rolled, comfortable!

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

This pair of color matching looks pretty comfortable. Essence Little fresh!

Chrysanthemum parts.

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Two together:

Next look at the detail map:


Let’s take a look at the insole of A’s insole. It can be said that the rugged insoles made in the four, but I have to say that they are the most comfortable to wear. Perhaps it is because the two pairs I bought are top cushioning. The characteristics are:

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Thick and good return!

The sole color matching is small and fresh. Look at the details.

The lines are clear and beautiful. Essence (At present, I have bought all the four major running shoes and got together. In the future, buying running shoes will basically be locked in ASICS and Saucony.

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

The reason is very simple: the comfort of A record, the exquisite Sji! Of course, I do not say that the two are just this characteristic, but these two characteristics are more prominent.


The logo of GEL-Nimbus 16. The heel position is the famous Arthur gum, which is indeed the core technology of A’s record. Essence

Finally, another front photo:

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Regarding my brother, I think there is something, I must talk to you:

When I bought those pairs of N15 last year, he saw at first glance and said that you bought the shoes wrong. I was very wondering, why isn’t it? He refused to say that I always caught him and asked the reason until one day, and he said: Afraid

This glue will become

Intersection Instantly let me petrify. Which door is this worry? It turns out that this buddy once bought a pair in the early years (about 2008) (about 2008) (about 2008) (about 2008) (about 2008).

Running shoes similar to AD with glue cushioning

After wearing it a few times, I put it there, but when I was about to wear it one day,

I found those glue! melted! melted!

There is no trace at all! There are no problems elsewhere, only glue! Intersection This shoe is discarded. Essence No wonder there will be such concerns!

In fact, he has always had the habit of running, but his knees are not powerless (once injured), as long as the point of the upper point hurts. I recommended this pair of shoes several times. He couldn’t make it to buy it. It was not until I saw my shoes for more than a year, and I decided to start when the glue was still intact. Now that I have been on my feet for two months, I can run for about 12 kilometers each time. The knee response is very good!

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

above! Intersection Intersection

PS: Let’s take some benefits as usual!

Originally, I came back from Phuket to draw time to write this trip. After a few days of busy, I suddenly discovered that a brother wrote his journey to Phuket. Considering that time and tourist route were similar, I couldn’t write out. Too many good things, I dispelled the thoughts, this time I sent a few pictures to see it at will. Essence

Alas, this is the ten free runners selected by the Phuket Marathon organized by Qunar Marathon this time, taking a group photo before the game. The two girls in the front row are the staff of the net there, thank them for their accompanying and service! Intersection

The great gods can recognize where it is!

End of the prize!

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

The famous Patong Beach sets in the setting sun. Essence

Receive the topic, let me talk about my boots in this marathon, just

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

Brooks Glycerin 11

兄弟的女鞋男穿:ASICS 亚瑟士 GEL-Nimbus 16 顶级女款跑鞋

The shoes are still good, especially the first ten kilometers. It feels good. By the tenth kilometer, after watching the time, 50 minutes, it was still good. But the next situation has changed. As the weather in Southeast Asia is too sultry (although it starts at 4:30 in the morning local time, it is still hot), so I have to start to cool the water on the clothes, and the water wets the shoes along the legs. The insole began to be disturbed, and always ran to the heel unconsciously! Intersection Basically, stop your shoes and sort out the insoles every kilometer! Intersection I depressed me! Intersection As a result, the final score is very unsatisfactory, four and a half hours, the worst score of individuals! But considering the sweltering weather there, and the end

Ranking 132

, Still satisfied! Intersection

Finally, thank Aunt Zhang again! Happy birthday to Aunt Zhang for a five -year -old birthday! Thanks to Qunar’s sponsorship! Thank you for your support!

Brother’s women’s shoes men: ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 16 top women’s running shoes