Is Mercadolibre good? How do I choose more products? How do Meikes go to the product?


Mercado Libre was founded in 1999. It was successfully listed in US stocks in 2007. It was the earliest Latin American technology company listed in the Latin American region. As of 2020, the number of U.S. customers estimated that the market value had reached $ 50.4 billion. Since its establishment in 23 years, Meike has been the largest e -commerce platform in Latin America and the seventh largest e -commerce platform in global visits. Its business has covered 18 Latin American American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia. Mercado Libre’s official website homepage The address is:


The advantages and disadvantages of the Mercado Libre platform, what kind of products are good for Meike? How does Mercadolibre upload the product?

The advantages and disadvantages of the Mercado Libre platform, is Mercadolibre doing it?

Under the influence of the epidemic, Latin American regions have been among the top list on the fastest list of e -commerce development for three consecutive years. Related data newspapers, in 2021, Latin America and Caribbean e -commerce markets reached 23.1 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of 25.6%. Brazil, Argentina and Mexico in Latin America also won the world’s top five major e -commerce retail growth rates. All this indicates that the e -commerce market in Latin America will inevitably break through the new scale in the future. It is expected that the total retail e -commerce sales in the Latin American market will exceed $ 100 billion in 2025, which is the new nugget place for sellers.

Among the five countries and regions that develop rapidly in the Latin America, whether it is website traffic or active users, most Meikes occupy a “top chair” position. Some friends want to know that although Latin America may become the last blue ocean market in cross -border e -commerce, is it really easy to do? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Mercadolibre platform? Settling in the Meike multi -platform opening, sellers join the CBT plan of cross -border trade. One account can operate multiple sites, that is, Chinese sellers can open four sites: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia at the same time without being opened separately.

Most of the Meikes are in English background. The product listing and customer service platform will automatically convert to local languages ​​(Portuguese/Western) to eliminate language barriers for sellers. Communicate with customers. Support the local currency sales products, the platform is settled for the seller’s dollar. There are various logistics methods. Mexico and Chilean sites adopt overseas warehouse models. Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico adopt a spontaneous model and require 25 working days to be delivered to customers. Mercadolibre has no stores and no store rent. It is understood that Meike’s multi -warehouse often burst out of positions. It can be seen how hot the business is! Many shops that do their own delivery can be maintained at about 1,000 orders a day, and the profit margin is expected to be more than 30%.

What products are good for Meike? How do I choose more products? How do Meikes go to the product?

What kind of products are good for Meike? How does Mercadolibre upload the product?

In 2022, the key recruitment category of Midea Multi -Platform is electronic consumer goods, furniture and tools, sports shoes and clothing, car accessories, beauty and personal care, and baby toys. So, what kind of products are easy to sell in Meike? How do I choose more products? What potential categories and explosive products are there in the Latin American market?

1. Outdoor sports such as swimming, cycling, camping, etc. are very popular in the local area. Tents and cycling accessories, seaside supplies may become potential categories, such as waterproof and anti -fog goggles, water amusement lounge chairs, helmets and cycling gloves, portable Bluetooth audio,, ​​portable Bluetooth audio, Products such as selfie rods may become explosive products.

2. Latin American countries will hold a variety of grand festivals every year. Consumers will pay more attention to the wearing accessories of vacation, hip -hop, and INS wind. Those clothing and accessories contain the moon or butterfly elements. Male consumers prefer workers’ shorts, couple street wind printed T -shirts with casual daddy shoes, which may become potential categories. The seller can combine the necklaces and accessories with clothing and style, and it is a good way to attract buyers with a set discount.


3. Affected by the epidemic, the home time in Latin America has increased, and the demand for online shopping has also increased. Searchs related to home life occupy the keyword hot search list in the Latin American market, such as kitchen equipment (electric egg beater), household tools (small screwdriver knives , Reuse silicone tape

At present, the Global Selling of Meike only supports the upload of the table. Next, the seller needs to add it in English. Of course, if the seller understands the Latin American small language, it is best to upload Listing in local languages. Click “Add Listing” in Mercadolibre’s background, choose the product category you want to upload. If uploaded before, you can choose from “My Categories”. Click “Continue” (note that you can choose 40 categories at a time. To ensure the correct category, because you cannot modify it by yourself), then click “Download Excel” to download the product table template.

How does Mercadolibre Mercedes collect supply? Support the same platform to copy and collect. MERCADOLIBRE Mesh Paper Paper Software

Some seller friends need to collect the hot selling products on Amazon in batches and import them into Mercadolibre Multi -Platform. Of course, this process can be realized. At the same time On the top, it also supports the collection of Mercadolibre Multi -Platform products in batches and imported it into the horse gang ERP or store small secret ERP software to generate the product CSV packet file supported by other platforms. In the least time, the most products are published to Mercadolibre Mercedes. New sellers can use Mercadolibre Multi -automatic delivery assistant developed by universal assistants. Combined with the operating model, conditional sellers can open more stores, realize multiple shops at the same time, and support one -click collection and moving on the same platform. It is especially suitable for merchants with many shops in Mercadolibre Meike, and it is also suitable for Mercadolibre Mercedes.

Mercadolibre Multi -Platform automated listing products ERP software not only supports batch collection and uploading and uploading and uploading Taobao Tmall, Amazon, Wal -Mart, Alibaba, 1688, AliExpress, Ocean Pier,, Lazada, Shopify, Woocommerce, Zheng Caiyun, Allegragro , FORDEAL, Kikuu, Wayfair, Ozon, CDISCount, South Korea GMARKET, Auction, Coupang and other more than 200 e -commerce websites can also automatically optimize the title and product label, so that the product ranking is naturally advanced. The software also has its own language automatic translation function. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the small language. Generally speaking, the main role of searching for products from customers is: keywords, product clicks, details page attractiveness, and salesman to negotiate communication level. At the same time, the product is automatically optimized, the product title, product keywords, and long tail keywords, do the first ring of sales, firmly control the flow of traffic, and create the most favorable conditions for the successful sales of the product.

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