## The first mechanical keyboard I entered the pit: cherry cherry G80-11900 black-axis mechanical keyboard



The first time I bought the cutting line garbage, it took a while after the wiring, recorded some of my own feelings, and shared it with you. The photos were taken by mobile phones and card machines. There is no literary talent and nutrition, and no real beasts. I think of what to write. Essence Essence Forgive me!

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

1. Select axis

The axis of German cherries is relatively popular and is called the original shaft. After seeing the German official website, there are 18 kinds of MX shafts, and each shaft has a PDF with related data. The following examples are the most commonly used: green axis, tea axis and red axes, black shafts that are straight up and down (note that the number of playbacks on the left side of the left side during the release process is pressed)

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

MX blue shaft:

↑ Triggeon: 2.2 ± 0.6 mm Initial pressure: 25 CN Min trigger pressure: 50 ± 15 cn paragraph pressure: 60 ± 15 cn Top stroke: 4.0-0.5 mm

Mx tea axis:

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ Triggeon: 2 ± 0.6 mm Initial pressure: 30 CN min Trigger pressure: 45 ± 20 cn paragraph pressure: 55 ± 25 cn Top stroke: 4.0-0.4 mm

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

MX red shaft:

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ Triggeon: 2 ± 0.6 mm Initial pressure: 30 CN min Trigger pressure: 45 ± 15 cn Top stroke: 4.0-0.4 mm

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

MX black shaft:

↑ Triggeon: 2 ± 0.6 mm Initial pressure: 30 CN min Trigger pressure: 60 ± 20 cn Top stroke: 4.0-0.4 mm

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↓ It is difficult to look at these parameter pictures alone to impress the axis body. There is a enthusiastic friend who shared his experiences below, for reference only

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ I chose a black shaft. I used the typing game for a while without saying that it was said on the Internet. It was different from person to person. It was the best for you.

↑ Usually use a thin film keyboard to typing, and the call of the mission is not right. When the game is in the game, people’s thoughts are highly concentrated, and the potential on the fingers also appears. Look at the 8115 keys above. Strong.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ I have the opportunity to try other rare shafts in the future ~~

2. Cherry G80-11900 mechanical keyboard disassembly

cherry 11900

G80-11900 uses the original black shaft no steel plate, with a mouse touch plate, and the origin is divided into Germany and the Czech Republic. I chose the shear version of German, which attached a layer of waterproof film on the motherboard and shaft body. When cleaning, you know the importance of the membrane. This type of foreign garbage is generally sold without returning. Some merchants will test good or bad before shipping, and some are stuffy bags. There are many components to fight RP. Keyboard motherboards spare.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The yellow scratches received by the keyboard shells also have a lot of yellow scratches, and the kind of yellow from the top to bottom, the effect of the photo may not be so obvious.

↑ The Made in Germany’s red frame on the back is the production date. In comparison, you can know that it is production 37th in 2000.

↑ CHERRY’s production date is based on the letters A-Z in 1988, and a new round of cycle began in 2014. It may be a bit useful when purchasing a second-hand Cherry keyboard.

↑ In the past, the thin film keyboard was cleaned up with a screwdriver. The mechanical keyboard structure was different. I dare not operate this way. I was afraid that it would break the shaft.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ For the first time, I used a mechanical keyboard. There was no key to the family and bent one by myself. Later, I bought the keyboard keycaps with these two plastic (DIAO) ingredients (SI) pumping devices, which is also very easy to use. There is a disadvantage that it may leave marks on both sides of the keycap.

↑ Use the steel wire key to confirm that the two ends are stuck on the keycap and then pull it. Sometimes the steel wire will be stuck on the shaft base, you must pay attention! I think I still use my hands to pull up a little, and I need to pull it out instead of using brute force.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The keycaps of 11900 are PBT, which is not easy to get oil compared to ordinary ABS. The touch of touch is not as uncomfortable as scrub online. The hat is the best at present. The first thing to get the keyboard is to pull the keycap, soak and clean the laundry solution, and then disinfect it with 84.

↑ After pulling off the keycap, you can see the waterproof film inside. Waterproof ash is influenced. The current mechanical keyboard does not have this film, so you should pay more attention to daily use.

↑ PCB without steel plates is very thin. Be careful when disassembling. The shaft inside has no ash. The tear is like a new ones. The space is a linear gray shaft. The lines of the touchpad are relatively fragile, as gentle as possible.

↑ The left side is the inside of the 11900 shaft, and the lubricant on the copper sheet is still there, and the right side is the contrast of the new shaft body. The Iraqi -colored shaft -shafts, the welded shafts are basically gone, and the feel is still astringent. Essence Essence

↑ It is found that a more interesting place is also a cherry black shaft but the number of spring circles is different. The 11900 has a more new circle than the new ones, and the new one is more new than the shaft motherboard.

3. Change UBS to transfer device & film

11900 with a touchpad, there are two PS/2 interfaces. Now the motherboard is mostly one port. It is a bit troublesome to use it without supporting hot insertions. The cutting version is changed to a USB connection method, which can hide the transposition inside the keyboard, which is much more convenient.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ Some netizens use PS/2 to turn USB IC

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

Lite USB to PS2

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ I use the Litt connection device, refer to the line of the interior of the world’s post: Cherry11900’s original ecological transformation, the line error may burn the main control chip, it is best to confirm again before the connection test.

↑ The plug beam of the cutting version is this length

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ In order to better adjust the position of the converter, I used two waste mouse lines. The line color was different from the original.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ It is best to check whether there is oxidation at both ends of the line line of the touchpad. If the oxidation is processed, otherwise the touchpad may not be used normally.

↑ These three softwares are basically enough. You can find it on the Internet. See if there is a combo or a bad shaft, how many keys are without rush, etc. My button is normal, and there is no problem with the micro -motion of the touchpad. Specify 6 keys (not a random 6 key).

Car -changing film

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The shell should be beautifully sprayed or the film. The film effect must not be sprayed well, but the cheap and convenient process is simple and the technical requirements are not high.

↑ The size of the film is 0.3 meters*1.27 meters. It can be pasted with two 11900. The above is the remaining one. The free shipping of 5.9 yuan is also sent to a US worker knife. The scraper is basically not used. Essence Essence

↑ The film took a long time, and there was no time to take photos during the meter. It was very flat as soon as it was pasted. Fortunately, the texture of the texture is basically invisible.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The most satisfactory part of the film is the indicator light, and the protruding fonts can be displayed well.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The selected 3D black charcoal fiber stickers, when I feel black that I don’t think of it, I actually want to be black. Essence Essence

↑ The four corners use the hair dryer to heat the membrane to softly stretch the post. I am not very perfect, and I can’t see it in the photo.

4. Cherry G80-11900 mechanical keyboard use experience

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

• The total cost of the keyboard ontology+a rotor+USB extension line+film is about 150 yuan, and the merchants will float up and down at different prices

• There will be a “squeak” sound of the shell, as well as G80-3000 a urine

• The maximum difference between the film and the film can be triggered at almost half of the position, but the film must be completely pressed to the end

• The keycap feels very good. Compared with the black shaft with steel plates, I personally like the sound of 11900 keys to bottom out

• Different keys layout and ordinary keyboards need to be adapted for a period of time, such as: Ctrl, ALT buttons are small, Shift+Delete is relatively smooth with the left hand, and the F1-F6 keys are remote (you can mappate up and down through the keyboard)

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

• You can adjust the axis and spring without welding. Various shafts can be gathered on a keyboard. DIY produces a keyboard that is more suitable for you

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

• The black shaft body is a POM material self -lubrication system, and it will become better with the sound of the feel. After using the common buttons of WASD for a period of time, pressing the touch, rebound and sound will change. Sometimes the keycaps can see a small white dot at the upper cover of the shaft and the gap of the axis.

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

Finally, a few fragments are played with 11900 to play COD4:

#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

↑ The mechanical keyboard is mainly refreshed by fingers, the game level is not much different from the film, and it is abused into a dog like a high play!

↑ I like to rush forward with the silly sniper, enjoy the pleasure of spike and being killed ~~

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#本站首晒# 我入坑的第一把机械键盘:CHERRY 樱桃 G80-11900 黑轴机械键盘

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