Gillian drinks pearl milk tea to show his true feelings, and shocks climax!Netizen: Actions are so skilled


Some netizens shared the serial map of Gillian (Zhong Xinzheng) to drink pearl milk tea on the social network. I saw that her expression was very rich and accused: “Very real.”


Gillian, who loves to drink pearl milk tea, is very satisfied when tastes pearl milk tea.In the photo, it can be seen that she sucked the large mouth milk tea, so she was so white -eyed, and then she took a bite in a low head, and finally showed a bright smile. It was the exclusive Reaction of milk tea enthusiasts!


With Gillian’s face and figure in the picture, netizens guess this is a set of old photos, but it does not affect everyone to appreciate the beautiful photos: “This scene is too true”, “The action of drinking milk tea is so skilled.”I don’t drink less”, “Gillian drinking milk is picturesque, it is really a goddess”, “drinking milk tea is so beautiful”, this post has browsed more than 12.22 million in 2 hours.