The Chinese team is not only lucky to make up for the relay of the Tokyo Olympics.


□ Xiao Fan (Shihezi University)

The International Olympic Committee held a executive committee on the 19th to announce that the Chinese track and field men’s 4 × 100m relay team supplemented the Tokyo Olympics bronze medal. The Chinese teams composed of Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Wu Zhiqiang and Tang Xingqiang will choose to collect methods based on the steps that will be re -issued by the International Olympic Committee Olympic medal. This is also the first medal won by the Chinese men’s 4 × 100m relay team at the Olympic Games. (Surging News on May 20)

After the Chinese team won the 4 × 100m relay bronze medal, they received praise from people from all over the world. But at the same time, there are also some voices of yin and yang. “This can be supplemented, and this luck is great.” But in fact, the Chinese team rely on the Bronze Medal of the Tokyo Olympics, not just luck.

First of all, this is the result of the country’s attention and accumulation. As early as 2009, the Chinese track and field team began to implement the development strategy of “please come in and go out” to align with the world’s advanced training methods. As of the end of 2019, the Chinese track and field teams have hired 17 high -level foreign teachers on men’s 100 -meter, competition and other projects, which has promoted China’s track and field progress in training concepts and methods. State attaches importance to and support, and the Chinese team has achieved good results. It is only a matter of time.

Secondly, this is the result of the athletes fighting for the country and constantly challenging themselves. As we all know, on August 1, 2021, Su Bingtian ranked the first advance final in the Tokyo Olympic semi -final with a score of 9 seconds 83, greatly refreshing the Asian record. Prior to this, the Asian record was 9 seconds 91 kept by Nigeria naturalized athletes. From 9 seconds to 99 to 83, Su Bingtian used for 6 years. Why can such old athletes such as Su Bingtian make breakthroughs and achieve new results? The root cause is because they have continuously challenged themselves and surpass themselves. For athletes, behind this spirit is the driving force for the country. Because of this, they can continue to overcome difficulties and break through themselves, showing the beautiful Chinese red on the sports field.


Furthermore, this is the result of the whole society gathered in sports and promoting the national movement. As of the end of 2020, there were 3.7134 million national stadiums, with an area of ​​3.099 billion square meters in the stadium, and a per capita stadium area of ​​2.20 square meters. In August 2021, in order to promote the higher level of fitness of the whole people and better meet the people’s fitness and health needs, the State General Administration of Sport issued a notice on the “National Fitness Plan”. Driven by the country and society, various sports are booming, and many projects that are suitable for all ages are in full swing. Even if you are walking on the street, you can see the running army of “seven morning and eight” everywhere.

“Sports, the country is lucky, the country is strong, and the country is strong, but the nation is strong.” The first medal won by the Chinese men’s 4 × 100m relay team at the Olympic Games is just the beginning. In the future, the Chinese team will continue to bloom on the stadium and emit a strong Chinese voice.