How to wear it in autumn and winter to be fashionable and temperament, then you must try knitwear


The weather is really too extreme.

In July, the cold wind in Paris urged me to turn out the electric heaters to bake my feet. It was not enough. I also had to wrap myself into a ball to feel warm.


In September, when the autumn tiger in China came, I was wearing cashmere sweaters in Paris, wrapped in cashmere blankets on my body, and electric heater under my feet.

In October, during the National Day, the domestic cold air arrived as scheduled. The little assistant told me the weather was hot two weeks ago.


Originally, I was writing a sweater that was suitable for the first autumn. When I heard this, I thought about it. After, the speed of writing could not keep up with the speed of the weather. I quickly checked the weather. I felt that the temperature is similar to Paris in September. Although my body feels cold, I have not exaggerated to the temperature in winter.

Enter the topic, today I will share with you the most versatile items in autumn and winter -how to match the sweater!

Different styles, different matching

Some people say that knitwear is the second layer of human skin, soft and skin -friendly sweater. After the upper body, the sense of restraint and dullness is small.


In the cold autumn and winter, wearing a warm sweater, as if lying in a warm arms.

Knitting sweater is a gate, including cardigan, vest, slots sweater, POLO shirt and so on. As a fabric, knitting is designed as different styles of clothes, and the matching method is not the same.

Knit cardigan

I believe there are many friends who hear the three words of knitwear. The first reaction is knitted cardigan.

To tell the truth, knitted cardigan is really the most versatile knitwear type. Whether wearing a single dress, when a single jacket or a coat, it can be controlled well.

I have a black knitted cardigan myself. When I feel cold at home, I will wear it, comfortable and warm.

Li Zhiya, who plays Shen Xiulian in “The top floor”, wore a khaki sweater at the 43rd birthday party this year.

The pink strokes on the clothes make the whole person gentle, echoing the pink bodies in the lower body, so that it will become a whole.


Like Li Zhiya’s solid color buckle knitted cardigan, it is the most common choice in cardigan.

The solid color system is also the best match. Like this set, the overall color is white. The white -gray knitted cardigan on the upper body is paired with pure white nine -tenth tobacco pants, and a white bag is held in hand. The overall feeling is very clean.

The sweater here not only does not have the feeling of lazy home clothes, but it looks like a shirt. The overall feels tough and soft.

The knitted cardigan is extremely inclusive. With different pants, it can collide with a different feeling.

Like this set of wearing, gray littering buckle knitted cardigan, paired with gray wide -leg suit pants, it looks casual.


Of course, knitwear with jeans is also extremely classic.


Like this set, the black high neck is repaired in the body, paired with a white tirled knit sweater, and a pair of light blue jeans on the lower body.


The overall vision is relatively bright, the interior is dark, and the contrast of light and dark can also look thinner.


In addition to trousers, dresses are also a good choice. The autumn and winter dress is well selected and can be warm.

Like this set, dark green knitted cardigan with beige long dress, and a pair of beige boots, warm and elegant.

Some time some time ago, Matsuozi, who has shared with you, played as a soybean field. There is also such a set.

The white cardigan is paired with a black pleated dress and a pair of black thick heel boots. The texture of the pleated skirt is very good. The contrast of black and white also highlights the waistline. The overall feeling is very textured.


In addition to the solid color model, you can also choose this embroidered knitted cardigan, which can increase the richness and details of the cardigan.


Like this cardigan, although it is dark, but under the white flowers, the whole looks very vibrant.

As mentioned earlier, short cardigans are mentioned. Its advantages are obvious. By comparison with the bottom, the waistline is improved, which makes people look more energetic and high.


However, the advantages of long cardigan are also obvious. It can shape the shape of the H outline. For the high requirements, the waistline can be improved through the inside color contrast.

Like this set, the white high neck is tied into high -waisted jeans, and the waistline can be improved visually. The long cardigan on the outside can modify the shape well. Essence


I have a long blue knitted cardigan, which is very comfortable to wear. When I moved from Shanghai to Paris three years ago, I left it with my big housekeeper Qiu Yi.

But then I couldn’t forget this dress. I think I really like this dress, so I finally asked Qiuyi to send me to Paris.

In addition, you can also expose the waistline by adding a belt.

Here Jeanne Damas also lifted his sleeves, and the whole looks very capable, but the gentle characteristics of knitwear have neutralized this feeling.


Of course, you can also choose to plug the hem into the pants, but this kind of thin cardigan is suitable, otherwise the stomach will bulge, and it will not look good.


If you feel cold, you can put a suit jacket or trench coat, which can look good.

This strap -style cardigan may solve the problem that the pants are switched in front. The strap is tied into a bow, and the sagging is tied to the whole.


In this set of wearing, the small silk scarf on the neck also just fills the vacancy brought by the V -neck. The overall texture of the overall dress has also improved a lot because of the silk scarf and the straps of the drooping.

Of course, if you feel cold, you can put another one in the cardigan or wear a coat, which is a good choice.

Here I also want to say that this thicker knitwear like this line is suitable for friends with small skeleton, and they can look more imposing.


If you have a round friend, you can look better if you choose a thin sweater with thin lines.

Knitted vest


Knitting vests cancel the fabrics of the arms to facilitate arms exercise. This characteristic determines that it can only be worn.


However, in the autumn, it is necessary to keep the temperature and not want to wear too bloated. The vest may be a good choice.

This green striped vest worn by Kong Xiaozhen has a white long -sleeved T -shirt inside, a pair of dark jeans in the lower body, and a tan short boots, which gives a young and lively feeling, which is very casual.


In addition to leisure, knitted vests can also create an elegant pastoral sense. Kong Xiaozhen’s beige deep V -neck vest with a elegant floral skirt, the overall feeling is very kind.

The simple solid color system can make a sense of career. This knitted vest retains some shoulder fabrics, designed as a falling shoulder, weakening the shoulder lines, which will not be too severe.

A white shirt inside, the cuffs were pulled above the wrist, which seemed more capable.

Although this set of clothes is plain, these small details will make others unconsciously feel respectful.


In addition to the flat style, this jet -jin knit vest is more layered.


Like this set, a white shirt is worn inside the beige tincture vest. Half of the shirt was tied into pants, half exposed, and it seemed casual.

On the basis of the original stacked, the pattern on the knitted vest was added, which brought more surprises to the wear.

This rhombus knitted vest will have a retro flavor. It is paired with white and pants.


knitted sweater

Knit sweaters should be the most commonly worn clothes in winter. The warm and comfortable material makes many people love it, including me.

In the cold Paris, I spent this knitted sweater. I wear this V -neck, which can lengthen the shoulders and neck lines, and looks longer.


Everyone knows that I have worked for a long time, which causes a little tilting forward, so the neck looks short on the front, so I will wear such small V -necks to avoid shortness.


Although the knitted sweater of the round neck is not suitable for me, it is also good -looking, especially suitable for stacking shirts, exposing the shirt neckline, and more layered.


When the weather is cooler, the home of the high -necked knitted sweater comes. This wider sweater can wear warm autumn clothes, and there can be more space for free activity. Essence


You can use your lower body with pants or skirts. Friends who want to be elegant can try the skirt.

For middle -aged women, remember to wear a warm stockings, it is important, but also take care of her body!


In addition to the solid color system, the recent stripe elements have become popular again.

The classic black and white stripes are placed on the sweater, and the effect after the upper body is unexpectedly beautiful.

This white -bottomed black -patterned knitted sweater, the large neckline and small V -neck make the whole clothes look very designed, and the upper body looks very popular.


The knitted sweaters under the complex woven technique have a lot of details, which increases the overall sense of layering. With boots, it looks very aura.


Different colors, different styles

When wearing a knitted sweater, color matching is an important issue.

The red cardigan looks festive and enthusiastic. In autumn and winter with less color, wearing a red cardigan can not only become the focus of the crowd, but also add the color of your own life.

Under normal circumstances, the color of white inside will not make mistakes. Like this set of wearing, the red buckle knitted cardigan is paired with white inside, and the white boots just fill the vacancy of blue octagonal jeans.

The overall color is only three colors of red, blue and white, and it looks very coordinated.

In addition to white, the same color color matching is not very wrong.

In this set of wearing, the ginger knitted cardigan is more brighter than a cardigan. The caramel color of the lower body belongs to the warm color, and the overall matching seems to be natural.

When you do n’t know how to match and do n’t want to match the white inside, try the same color matching, which will definitely let you open the new world!

Sometimes the surprise brought by the same color system is far more than that of white inside.


Like this piece of brown, if it is replaced with white, does it feel that the texture is not as good as the original?

Come, look at it more intuitively, do you feel that both people are very coordinated?


If the two swap cardigan, the effect is not so outstanding.

The black is a gas field, the pink system is gentle, choose different colors to create different personal styles.

In this set, the smoke gray cardigan was covered outside the black dress. The color was similar but it could form a contrast, which visually pulled the waistline. The application of color is very flexible.


Khaki, the most common colors of autumn and winter, can of course be used on knitwear. The information passed to this warm color color is warm.


This thousand bird pattern brown cardigan is full of retro, so you choose darker jeans and black bags to match, which will look more coordinated.


In addition to the common black and white, Kong Xiaozhen’s light blue is also very gentle. It is very affinity with gray -black core pants.


The gray lake green worn by Litzia is also very suitable for the colors of autumn and winter, and it looks calm and not a rigid board.


Lu Lu said,


In autumn and winter, wearing a comfortable and soft sweater, it seems that the whole person has become a lot gentle, less sharp, and more affinity.


There are many types of knitwear. You can choose your favorite style to decorate your autumn and winter. At the same time, pay attention to color matching, you can match the colorful match.


The knitwear is written here, blessing everyone can pass the cold autumn and winter warmly.