The “Battlefield Gypsy” trademark has been missed by the United States complaints to infringement.


According to Qianhui Trademark Network from Zhejiang Network Radio and Television, in Hangzhou Liberty Port’s clothing market, 6 or 7 are named “

Zhan di ji pu (Battlefield Jeep)

“战地吉普”商标被美国方面投诉侵权 多经销商错过双11损失惨重

“The dealer of the clothing brand, one day before Double Eleven, the baby links about this brand on Taobao store were almost deleted, and many online stores could not sell goods. In the warehouse. So why is this problem?

The name of the withdrawal of the trademark of the infringement

“战地吉普”商标被美国方面投诉侵权 多经销商错过双11损失惨重

Why is the link suddenly deleted? The staff of the Taobao Public Relations Department said that “Jeep” is an American brand. Although China has a Chinese trademark of “Battlefield Jeep”, the US Chrysler sued the Battlefield Jeep trademark infringement in Beijing last year. Finally, the court sentenced the warfare to the battlefield jeep trademark. At the time of the review, the trademark was valid and had been approved. In the later period, they received a complaint from the US Jeep brand right holder before deleting the relevant baby links. Taobao was not responsible for this matter. After that, the baby in the online store was removed from the shelves. However, the owner of the dealer and the online store said that in mid -October this year, their trademarks were approved in Taobao.

It is understood that “this brand of e -commerce, there are about twenty e -commerce, there are about 200 more than 200 people across the country. At noon on November 10th, they did not receive any notice. Most of the online stores The full link of the baby was deleted. Consumers could not see the baby and naturally could not buy it. Their dealers were pressed in the hands of the dealers for the tens of millions of goods prepared by the Double Eleven. Essence

Battlefield Gypical clothing manufacturers, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Yuanshan City, a clothing factory. Ms. Su believes that the Tmall platform has not fulfilled the obligations of the due review of malicious complaints during the Double Eleven period and has not notified them. Tmall deletes the product link without authorization, which directly causes major losses of merchants and brands. At the same time, Ms. Su also said that the trademark complained in the United States is not the same as the trademark on the clothes produced by her own factory.

Xiaobian querying China Trademark Network, the trademark of the registration number 6859510 is “Battlefield Jeep” Chinese, the trademark status is invalid; the registered number 6859515 trademark is “AFS Jeep”, the trademark status is invalid; the trademark of the registration number 13165468 is “a one The pattern plus AFS JEEP “, the trademark status is registration; the registered number 13876938 trademark is” zhan di ji pu “pinyin, the trademark status is registration; The dispute is two trademarks: 6859510 and 6859515, and now they are two trademarks of 13165468 and 13876938 on their clothes.