Do not wear these 3 types of clothing, high safety risks


At the end of the year, many mothers will be busy preparing new clothes for their babies. Various beautiful princess skirts or handsome small suits always make their mothers love it. important.

I have compiled this guidelines for the purchase of children’s clothing and collect it!

How to choose baby underwear 选

Soft comfort is the first choice

The baby’s skin is very delicate. If you rub it a little, you may have a mark, and the underwear is directly exposed to the baby’s personal clothes. Therefore, you must choose the soft material, such as cotton, silk (summer) fabric.

Note that Modal cotton is not cotton, but a pure artificial fiber, but it belongs to cellulose fiber like cotton. Moms should never be confused. There is also to choose clothes to be large or small. If you buy a hood underwear, you need to pay attention to whether the material around the neck is elastic and soft, so as to avoid pulling hard when wearing clothes.

Choose light -colored clothing

Various non -color dyes may affect the health of the child, and the colorful underwear may add fluorescent agents, which is not suitable for the baby to wear it.

You can choose light colors as much as possible, which can avoid stimulating the baby’s visual nerves because the color is too gorgeous, and some abnormalities of the baby’s abnormalities can be found in time, such as wrestling causes the skin, or the nails are too sharp to scratch their skin.

Clothing must be fine

Try to choose the underwear stitched on the outside because the label friction and stimulate the baby’s skin. And now the popular boneless joints can also effectively avoid the stimulation of the baby’s skin, especially under the armpits, wrists, etc., because the baby has more movement, it is more likely to be bleeding.

Choose a class A clothing

Infant underwear under the age of 3 must indicate “infant supplies” (Class A). Category A standard for infants and young children requires that the formaldehyde content is less than equal to 20 mg/kg, strong safety, and must be marked “inadequate washing” or a circular shape. The pattern with a fork.

How to choose a baby jacket 选

Be easy to wear and take off


The baby is soft and soft, and does not know how to cooperate with parents to dress. If there are some postures, it may affect the baby’s growth and development. Therefore, try to avoid buying those clothes that look very cute but have a very difficult clothing, such as too large number of buttons or too tight necklines.

Pay attention to check whether there is a compartment between the zipper and the skin of the jacket, whether the edge of the buttons or the zipper is sharp, will it not cause harm to the baby accidentally.


The print on the clothes feels smooth.

Some babies are colorful on the printing color, but they are sticky. This may be that the coatings containing plasticizers are used during the printing process. It is not recommended to buy it.

Which clothes can’t be worn? Bleak

Safety risks


① clothes with pulling rope. The rope on the neck may be entangled around the baby’s neck when the baby is wearing or playing. It has certain safety risks. This kind of clothing is not recommended to buy. If you have already bought it, you can draw or reduce the rope;

② There are many small accessories. If the buttons and cartoon decorative accessories on the baby’s clothes are not reliable, they may fall off or be removed by the baby.

Open crotch pants

Every summer, many parents like to change their children to open crotch pants, that is, it is convenient for the baby to go to the toilet, and it can save urine without wet money.

But the open crotch pants will bring a lot of damage to the baby:

① It is easy to cause bacterial infections: Children are lively and active. Open crotch pants will cause the baby’s private parts to be directly exposed. In the process of exploding around, they will contact various germs to cause bacterial infections in the private parts;

② It is easy to cause mosquito bites in the private parts: the baby’s metabolism is fast, the body temperature will be higher than the adult, and it is easier to sweat. The exposed skin is also easy to suffer from mosquito bites. Some sins;

③ It is easy to cause accidental injuries in private parts: naked private parts are easily injured in the baby’s fall, bumping, bumping, and being pulled in the pump. The consequences of recovery.

All newly bought baby clothes are recommended to clean them first to remove the residual formaldehyde on the clothes, avoid stimulation to the baby’s skin and respiratory tract, and even cause allergic reactions.