How much is the mint?


In the past one or two years, Mink has begun to get a fire. There are often friends who have consulted whether Diao Zai is sold and how much is the price. This makes me can’t help but pay more attention to Mink.

I remember that four or five years ago, when I was visiting the flower and bird market, I saw the martening lying on the pet hammock that the merchant’s self -supported. ,love it.

The pets can only have a pet in the beginning. There are thousands of one in themselves, and there are ordinary breeding. The cost of managing is very expensive, so it is just an out of reach for me.

At the beginning, I did not expect that one day would let me have it, and there were more than 2,000 sales between June and September. This is just my family, and the merchants across the country do not know how many times.


What I want to say here is that I sell two types of martes and Angoru Mines. It is mainly based on domestic marten, because the affinity of domestic marten has a hot market today, and Angoru Mink also sells more because of this sales.

Many friends ask me if I have a ferret? I will ask what kind of species? Many friends do n’t know, thinking that ferrets are a variety, I will report two prices, and the price between them is much different. Coniner, as its name implies, is just characteristic of hairy color. The difference between varieties should be domestic marten and Angoru mink. Because domestic marten and Angoru mink are all white, and there are more white. In fact, their appearance is almost the same.

The reason why domestic marten is cheap is that the domestic farm was aimed at the purpose of fur, and there was no concept of pets. It’s just that the fur business has been poor in the past two years and can’t be sold. Turn to sell the little cub.

And Angoru Mines have been a pet for many years, but because the price is too high, it is difficult to popularize. There are not much to accept so far.

Of course, the price difference is much different, and they are essentially a lot, except for appearance.

Domestic minks are mostly white, and occasionally pure gray and pure blue, not very beautiful. There are stinky glands in the mink, and the farm generally does not have past stinky glands. It is not cultivated as a pet professional, so it will be a little bit wild in personality. It is reflected in the cub period.

And Angoru Mines are reflected in other colors except white. The matching is still beautiful. The main is to get the vaccine, I have been in the stinky glands surgery, there is a certificate of blood, and there are chips in the body. Personality is more docile and relatives.

Of course, with the heat of the marten, there will be businesses or players from Fan’an Georu. This shows that it has not been used to have stinky glands surgery, and it is difficult to guarantee whether it has been vaccinated.

The body shape is similar to a puppy, but there is far from the dog -like relatives, but the cleverness is not worse than the dog. In addition, no dog likes to affect neighborhood relationships. It will be a pet category in the future.

Many friends will ask if marten is easy to raise? What to eat? In fact, mink is better to raise, similar to dog raising. It needs a larger multi -layer cage. Take it out and slip out. Do not miss the traction rope. Pay attention to heatstroke in summer. If you eat it, cats and dog foods can be eaten.


Having said so much, I believe that my friends have known the marten. If you have any questions, welcome to communicate.