Give you alive music -Audimaxim Music Music SERENADE Little Night Song 6.2 Sudden Box


General agent: Taiwan Music Master (020) 39180976


Fixed price: 16,800 yuan (floor box) 9,800 yuan (bookshelf box)


● Undertaking power: 160W (continuous)

● Nominal impedance: 4Ω


● Sensitivity: 89db


● Frequency response: 30Hz-30KHz

● Driven unit: front radiation high × 1, 7 “medium bass × 1, rear radiation high (back) × 1, 7” super bass (back) × 1

● Size (HWD): 1057 (including foot nails) × 255 × 382mm

● Weight: 25kg/,


● Appearance treatment: white, black highlight piano paint


Following the poison of the digital turntable NP-10 of Audimaxim Music Music Music Masters at the end of last year (2017), he has been looking forward to the further development of this brand. Some players have said that NP-10 is the most musical and first touching digital turntable in history. Is there any exaggerated component, but you judge yourself, but the actual listening experience tells me that the NP-10 is indeed a product created by the concept of HI-End, and has the characteristics of strong encounter. And as high as possible as possible, it is also worth it. NP-10 can fully allow you to appreciate the true charm of digital music files. The subsequent DA-80 decoding combined amplifier launched by Audimaxim, the ESS9018 decoding of the USB interface and the real front and rear merger design. The function matching is undoubtedly the best match of NP-10, and the driving force is also convincing.


The SERENADE “Little Night Song” series speakers are the new product lines recently launched by Audimaxim, including two models: 6.1 bookshelf box and 6.2 floor-to-ceiling box. It is also the strongest masterpiece of Audimaxim’s entry into the HI-Fi field. In the past, Audimaxim was more focused on home theater and PA product lines. However, in fact, their engineer team is a group of high-tech workers who love music and pursue high-quality life. Therefore The success of the accumulated NP-10 in the field of digital music players has inspired their desire to enter the HI-Fi field as an introduction. Therefore, the launch of the Hi-Fi class speaker is logical. After all, Audimaxim’s rich experience in the speaker field makes them more ease.

Non -parallel box

In terms of focusing on the product, first of all, the box shape of the boxed night song series fever speakers shows a creative side. Whether it is 6.1 bookshelf box or 6.2 floor -to -ceiling box, its box design is not the traditional Fang Fang Zhengzheng, four levels of stability, from Looking at the front and sides, it is slightly narrow and narrow tower shape, and the large tilted top plate shows that the two -sided box wall of the box is completely unpolish. The “non -parallel” design of the box is not only different from each other, but none of the intersection angle is a 90 -degree right angle. Such a simple and complex design is to reduce the inside of the box reflection of the box. Interference makes the sound cleaner. The cabinet wall plate uses a 25mm thick HDF high -density board, which is strengthened with a solid Japanese -shaped framework to reduce resonance. The exterior of the high -end piano paint is simple and fashionable. Why is it simple and complicated? Simply, this kind of wood machining is for those alien boxes made by composite materials for the motion of the mold, which has achieved similar purposes but the manufacturing difficulty is reduced. It is complicated. The box, and only Audimaxim has this design? That’s because in a limited cost budget, the manufacturing process of this unexpected box is more difficult and the cost is much higher.

Adopt the treble unit and shallow corner panel of coaxial double -ring -type radiation design, high -frequency response can reach 30kHz

Unique front and rear two -way sound design

Another special feature of the Serenade Night Song series of fever speakers is that it adopts a two -way sound design, which is very simple, that is, in addition to installing the speaker unit like the front barrier, the speaker unit is also installed on the back wall board. This design can be seen on high -end speakers such as Triangle, Sonus Faber, FM Acoustic, and in fact, static speakers such as Martin Logan Martan Lugen, Kings Audio and Magnepan tablet speakers are also similar. The purpose of this design is to greatly enhance the sound wave spread of speakers in the space, and make the replayed sound field more open and natural. Many examples can prove the correctness of this theory. For example, we know that the musical instrument is playing in the concert hall, whether it is the strike of the fixed sound drum, the string of the cello stimulates the resonance of the wooden piano cavity, or the various types of tube instruments vibrated by the air flow. The 360 ​​-degree spherical sound wave spreads to the space in all directions. As a result, we can hear the sound of the sound of the instrument and the reflex of the space environment. According to the different ratio of the direct sound and the reflex sound, the hearing judgment of the position and the space is formed, thereby forming the concept of sound field and positioning.

The medium bass adopts the top -level VIFA unit, and the diaphragm material is made of special paper and wood fiber slurry. It is solid and light, has uneven dispersion characteristics, and minimizes the surface resonance. Reproduce

Although the front and back two -way sound is not an original Audimaxim, Audimaxim is the most thorough one among the dynamic speaker brand and is the most cost -effective brand. In the same level of products, we can’t find the second pair of Seenade 6.2, so that the two same speaker units are made before and after. Of course, the Serenade 6.2 is not the same structure before and after, but the frequency response range of different speaker units is different. The design and appearance of the treble units in front of the direction are very similar to the VIFA and Scan Speak 2904 series, but the factory said that this is the product developed and produced by themselves. , And use the revolutionary “coaxial bilateral radiation” design. This design solves the uneven and prone to distortion of the traditional ball top treble film, and the equivalent area of ​​its double ring vibration membrane is the equivalent area. It is larger than the single -ball top vibration film, so the lower limit of the frequency of this treble unit is lower than the top unit unit. The distortion makes the sound more accurate and delicate. AUDIMAXIM has designed a circular short -angle panel for this forward treble unit, so as to obtain better directionability and enhance efficiency, it also allows the lower limits of the hyper replay frequency to better extend.

The super bass unit uses a long -stroke linear dual -fold border with low loss rubber, which can increase the linear movement range of cone plate, reduce low -frequency distortion, and improve the effect of low -frequency dynamic replay effect

The same treble unit is also used on the rear board to make a sound, but the Audimaxim study shows that the frequency of the sound is not the better, but the wider the diffusion performance, the better, so they did not install this unit to install the unit. The horn panel, instead pasted the sound -absorbing cotton with the inner ring of the star -shaped inner ring around the film to eliminate the sound wave diffraction effect of the panel.

Below the front barriers of Serenade 6.2, a top 7 -inch medium low -sound unit (XT18W007) produced by a Danish VIFA is used. The unit of the system is not directly used. Audimaxim also adopts a special damping coating on the diaphragm. The purpose is to improve the division distortion of the diaphragm during the long stroke work, which is beneficial to maintain a very low distortion in loudly, bringing more more, bringing more more Accurate and warmer sound. The suspension folding ring is a narrow -edge design of N -type, focusing on the linearity of rapid response and work, plus its solidly cast aluminum plate and large magnetic steel magnetic circuit, providing strong output capabilities.

The front and rear two -way sound design, the treble unit is installed above the rear, and below is the super bass unit.

As a floor -to -back floor -to -ceiling box, Serenade 6.2 is also installed with a 7 -inch ultra -bass unit with a caliber of 7 inches behind the box. The hanging edge can increase the linear movement range of the cone plate, reduce low -frequency distortion, and improve the low -frequency dynamic replay effect.


Examine every detail

The material of the speaker unit of the Serenade 6.2 is very advanced, but to organize these units organically, then you have to work hard on the tone design. Audimaxim’s front treble is connected to the second -order 12DB slope with the mid -to -mid -bass, and the frequency frequency point is 2.5kHz; the high frequency band of the high -sound work is more than 9KHz, which increases the full sense of air without excessive medium sounds at the same time. The frequency causes poor space; and the rear ultra -subwoofer is only responsible for the ultra -low frequency band below 100Hz. Human ears are not sensitive to this section. question. The treble and ultra -subwoofer behind are the simplest first -order 6DB division to obtain the best work efficiency. All these design indicators have been scientifically decided. It can be seen that the designer of Audimaxim is indeed well known to the sound of fever audio. The ERSE C-CAP audio capacitance with ± 3%error is used on the frequency division, and the inductance coil is designed as the air core or iron core as needed. Some readers may think that the iron core inductance is prone to magnetic saturation, but ignores the problem of power loss caused by the large inductance. Therefore, the use of iron cores can greatly reduce the number of lacquer coils to increase the low -frequency response speed and analytical ability of the speaker. In terms of benefit, does Jun do not see the PMC of the monitoring? On the internal wiring, Audimaxim uses high purity gold -plated single crystal copper wires. Even if it is a wiring board, it also uses a thick aluminum to make the bottom plate, and the large -scale wiring terminal of pure copper is plated. The other detail that cannot be ignored is that the configuration of its bottom plate and pinch is very particular. The bottom plate made of the birch layer plate is retained with the primary color. The bottom plate and the box are clamped between the damping material to reduce the vibration reduction. While the slender stainless steel nails provide stable support, even if the speakers are placed on the thick carpet, they don’t have to worry about the problem of stability. Serenade 6.2 The quality of each detail is the quality of the material, which is the same in the same level.

The wiring board is made of thick aluminum -made bottom plate, and a large -scale wiring terminal of pure copper is plated

A suit is the best match

Try to see the SERENADE night song 6.2 floor box, of course, with the original NP-10 digital streaming music player and the DA-80 decoding power amplifier, the most co-produced. Regardless of the appearance style, sound adjustment, or matching power and sound harmony, it has reached a high level. The sound of this combination has a full -frequency balance, free, and transparent sound. It can easily create a strong sense of presence through the position. The sense of air is very strong. It is permeated in the listening space. The scene form is clear and three -dimensional. And the sound quality of Serenade 6.2 is very clear and transparent, which can carefully show the atmosphere of record recording.

Internal reinforcement and real materials show ingenious manufacturing everywhere


Serenade 6.2 Another satisfied thing is that its high -frequency details are many but not fierce, which will undoubtedly gain the recognition of most sound fans. Even if the heavy broadcast source is a CD -rail file, it does not hinder the transparent, clear, and rich treble of Serenade 6.2. Playing 24bit/176.4kHz and DSD128 files can still feel the benefits brought by its excellent treble -the sound is soft and plump, and there will be no sharp and sharp situation. I used to match the Cayin MT-50 bile machine. The Serenade 6.2 showed a rich thick and warm sound. It was another flavor, but in terms of the matching of the DA-80, it was more delicate and neutral. The taste orientation of the tone depends on the front -end equipment of the match and has different gains. How to orientation depends on the personal preferences. It can be seen that Serenade 6.2’s own personality is not strong, and it has the style of monitoring equipment.

The reasonable frequency divider is not complicated, ensuring the smoothness and minimum loss of the work connection of each speaker unit

As for the quality of record recording files, this set of equipment can also be reflected correctly. It is found in the replay of different types of music, and the pan -sounding of Serenade 6.2 is particularly rich. , Clean and neat low -frequency release freely, there is no loose situation, and this is the skill of the excellent speaker unit, and it is also the effect of overall adjustment. From this we also know that the performance of the high -quality treble unit is indeed excellent, its energy is strong, with a horn -like penetrating power and energy sense, and the smooth curve makes it well connected to the bass unit. Therefore, Audimaxim can use a simpler frequency division design to get lower loss.

The longer the listening, the more you can find out that the design of Audimaxim’s design makes the sound present the neutral characteristics, but it can weigh a lot of elements and other elements. And rationally present the state when recording. The strength of the dynamic and weakness is also the strength of Serenade 6.2. It presented every detail in the sound field and space sense. The weak notes after the super tone were clear and not messy. The level was very clear. Essence


The bottom plate created by the birch solid wood layer has been strengthened stainless steel foot nails to provide a sense of stability

Serenade 6.2 has a strong sound energy, including the performance of the full -frequency band, and can maintain an unwashed sound field under large sound pressure and the sense of instrument body that does not compress and does not deform. This proves that the speaker unit of the Serenade 6.2 can stand the input of power and maintain it in a low state.


However, it is certainly conditional to stimulate these potentials. At least the power amplifier must provide sufficient driving capabilities. In terms of the 80W (4Ω) output capability of the DA-80 merged power amplifier, it is only enough to fully meet my more requirements for various music. The author recommends that there are more than 200W or more power in the rear level to meet Serenade 6.2 The requirements of music performance, especially extremely low frequencies and instantaneous reactions. If the power supply capacity of the power amplifier and insufficient low -frequency continuous current, the Serenade 6.2 will immediately reflect the unhappiness, and give it to you how much ability to give it back to you. It seems that it is the common feature of all high -performance speakers.




Serenade small night song 6.2 landing box uses a unique front and back sound design, adding back reflection high and super bass units, so that specific frequencies can be reflected through the rear wall, simulating the natural reflex sound field in the real state, and the sound is more sound than the traditional one -way sound design design Fresh, the sound field is wider. Excellent design and excellent materials, coupled with the surprising prices of self -denial, make Serenade 6.2 landing box show the valuable high cost performance on the market today.

Music, beautiful rhythm, beautiful world, can make people perceive life in music, and make people happy!

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