In the early spring, I have to wear a sweet feeling, and the Korean little sister is shining, and it is gentle and very age.


I didn’t expect to stay in spring this year before the Spring Festival. Nowadays, with the improvement of external temperature, many girls have also begun to pay attention to early spring. If the weather is gradually tungry, it is really important to find a suitable wear. Like a sweet-style girl must not miss the standard template, the Korean little sister’s wear is advanced.


It is said that spring is the season of crossing the flowers. The Korean wearing blogger with light yellow loose floral long skirt, with gray long knit cardigan. Gray knit cardigan with yellow floral length skirt, looks very warm, especially suitable for spring. This knit cardigan not only has achieved the effect of cold and warm, but also makes her struggle look more advanced, it is really a lot.


In addition to using a sweater, the floral dress can also be used in a suit. Like this very fresh floral dress, it is better to match a suit. The floral long skirt looks very fresh, and then matches the last loose Oversize’s suit, and can make the whole dressing more highly obvious, and each piece is seemingly seemingly casual. In fact, it is very mood.

The skirt is the most capable of highlighting the lady. Dress up as long as you can reasonably use the single product. Black Slim Levings, with some of the waist yellow skops, look very much, temperament. Like this black color, you can give people a very young and energetic feeling, especially suitable for early spring.

The backband long skirt is also preferred in the early spring season. Since the backband long skirt looks very student atmosphere, it is especially suitable for creating a college style. You can match a white loose bottoming shirt or white slim bottoming in a white slim dress, and then match a thin dress, the effect is out of minutes.

Girls who like the college wind also have no resistance to the garnish skirt. The reason why most girls really like the query skirts are also well created in a high-level college style. We can match the upper body with a relatively gentle knit cardigan or the upper body of the sweater, and then match such a knitted dress, step on a pair of small leather shoes, which can create a gentle senior college style.


If you are afraid of cold, we can also choose this long windbreaker jacket or a wool coat. A light blue high collar shells, with a brown loose wide-leg pants, and select a gray long woolen coat outside, and the combination of several colors looks very eye-catching. One, it is gentle and beautiful.

Like to dress relatively daily, we can also use this black loose woolen coat to match. This Korean wear blogger chose a gray loose bottoming shirt, with high waist straight jeans, step in a pair of canvas shoes, and then matched a brunette coat. This dress is not only wearing in early spring, but it is also properly worn in winter.


In recent years, there are also many girls who like this short leather exotic. This long-skin jacket looks very cool, but we can also take a sweet wind. You can choose a pink or milk tea in it, with a high-waist light-colored jeans, and then match this coat, so you can match your own unique sweetness.

In addition to the woolen coats and skirts, most people like to buy the best, sweaters, and sweaters. Most people like to buy a knit shirt, not only because of it, the same is because it can make your fashion feelings. As the design of this sweater is very unique, the design of the big V is better than the proportion of the upper body, the color design is also very reasonable, which can be used to match the jeans, can also be used with long skirts.


There are a lot of girls who like sweet-style style, mostly prefer to choose light, but occasionally try bright colors, actually unexpectedly. Let this Korean little sister chose a fuel dragon fruit to make a loose suit. This whole is true and sweet, it is definitely a sweet and hot girl’s preferred!