Following bubble lymphoma therapy can be improved and burdened, especially caring for the month to inspire patients to start “filter -free life”


Following bubble lymphoma therapy can be improved and burdened, especially caring for the month to inspire patients to start “filter -free life”

Yesterday, the “Filial Life” filtering lymphoma patients supported by Roche Pharmaceutical China, hosted by lymphoma House and Roche Pharmaceutical China. May 6th is the world’s first filtering lymphoma public welfare day. The Guan Aiyue series of activities will be officially launched from the date of public welfare. Filter “the good wishes of life. For more than a month, the project cares for the Salon live broadcast through the “weekly and weekly” patients, more than 100 special education in the country, “Extreme Returning Record” Social Media Taiji Relay Challenge, “Gathering for Love” online In a series of activities such as help, more than 140 hospitals and more than 200 doctors across the country benefit tens of thousands of lymphoma patients.

According to the “White Paper of the Survival of Patients in Chinese Following Bubble lymphoma” released by the lymphoma House in 2020, patients with follicular lymphoma are deeply troubled by repeated treatment, and they are afraid of recurrence, and it is difficult to return to normal social life. The quality of life of relapse patients is significantly lower than the first diagnosis patients. I feel more pain and uncomfortable and anxious and frustration. It is easier to feel that they live without dignity and lack emotional support from society.

“As the most common inert lymphaom tumor, although the treatment plan is accompanied by the continuous innovation of the treatment plan and the further coverage of the medical insurance policy, the treatment of the treatment can be improved, but the characteristics of easily recurrence and difficulty cure are still the characteristics It will make the patient with a padded psychological burden on the back. “Professor Zhao Wei, deputy dean of Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, said,” The innovative drugs of foaming lymphoma can achieve fast medical insurance in my country. Standard and standardized treatment, while improving the long -term survival rate, it is necessary to allow patients with follicular lymphoma to live out the quality and enhance the confidence of being brave to pursue a wonderful “filter ‘life.”


Professor Tao Rong of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University said that repeated medical treatment brought dual pressure of physiological and psychological psychological and psychological groups for patients with filter lymphatic tumors, helping patients delay recurrence, extend the ease of relief as much as possible, and improve the quality of survival. The main goal of tumor treatment. Through Guan Aiyue’s series of activities, it aims to restore the patient’s physiological, psychological, and social integrity, so that patients can further improve the quality of survival in addition to clinical efficacy.

Since May 6, the “weekly and weekly filtration” patients caring for the Live Live activity of the salon on the online platform built on the lymphoma home on Friday on time. Each period is invited to connect patients to the patients to connect patients to the different stages of patient treatment around the patient treatment. From looking at the attitude of the disease, the initial treatment and recurring treatment of filtering lymphoma, and returning to the theme of normal life, there are also role stories such as Wei Ge who are courageous to chase their dreams. Essence According to statistics, each live broadcast attracted more than 3500 people to watch interaction online, with more than 15,000 patients with filtrate lymphoma.


“Weekly Filter” patients care about salon live broadcast

同时,过去一个月内,在全国范围内举办共160场患者教育活动,使患者获得多维度指导与关爱,影响覆盖全国27个省份的90多个城市,联动超200多位学科专家与近万Named patients.

The “Extreme Returning Recurrent” Tai Chi Relay Challenge is a carrier with the spiritual connotation of “slow, quiet, and enjoying” the spiritual connotation of Tai Chi to help patients get relaxation from the body to heart. More than 100 doctors, patients, and caring people across the country participated in the challenges, filmed and shared Tai Chi style short videos to social media, condensed and passed the care and blessings of the group of patients with follicular lymphoma.

Hong Fei, the founder of lymphoma, said that many patients lived in the anxiety and fear of recurrence in the past, which is not conducive to continuous treatment. The Caring Monthly series collaborated on all parties to provide a multi -dimensional life cycle care for patients with follicular lymphoma to help them minimize the impact of recurrence of fear on the quality of survival and open a “filter” life.

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