Can’t put on too many clothing? Teach you a few tricks to double the capacity of the wardrobe


Some small and medium -sized wardrobes are a bit stretched in the home of some beauty (female) owners. After all, a few new clothes are added when they do n’t agree. In addition to their wallets, there are also wardrobes at home. After the wardrobe is full, at the home of some friends who are not good at packing, the bed, chair, and even the ground will constantly “grow” clothes to make the room messy. Here, Xiangye residential furniture will be shared with a small trick to store with you a few wardrobes, which will easily double your wardrobe capacity.


Using shoelaces can increase the number of clothes hanging

The first trick is the shoelace storage method. It takes out the old non -needed sneakers and shoelaces at home. With it simply transforming the hanging rod in the wardrobe, it can greatly increase the number of hanging clothes. First, tie the shoelace on the hanging rod, and then make a summary every 2cm, tie 4-5 knots in turn, and then hang the hanger at each knot. In this way, there are a few shoelaces, so that the vertical storage space is added. The wardrobe is not messy at all. It is not a problem to hang more than a dozen pieces of clothes.

The ring can make the wardrobe as neat as the showcase in the mall

The ring used when installing simple curtains in our house can also upgrade a common hanger function. With these suspension rings, no matter how many scarves and scarves are, they can be hung up all. Not only can you hang a silk scarf, the thin vest and suspender skirt can be done at one time. There is no need to turn the box to find clothes to find clothes, so that the wardrobe is as neat as the display cabinet in the shopping mall.


Divide the drawer with a cardboard can also make the storage more neat

To make the drawers of the wardrobe neat and non -messy, making some separators is the best way. They can classify different items, neatly clean, and greatly increase storage space. Use the ruler to measure the length, width and depth of the wardrobe drawer. Calculate the size of the segmentation range, and then mark it on the hard cardboard of the carton to cut the growth strip. Only six cardboards are needed to cross each other to separate a large drawer into 12 communities, and pantyhose can be stored with peace of mind.

Xiangya wardrobe meets your needs of your clothes


With these tips, we can make our originally crowded wardrobe feel a lot big. However, if these methods are all used in the wardrobe, it is not enough to install, then I recommend you a base wardrobe. It adopts a combination of open and closed design. There are multiple large space wardrobes in the main body. You can hang a variety of large clothing. You pretend, and there are also top independent storage compartments, debris drawers and open storage tables, which will definitely meet your needs of your clothes.