Hermes’s latest Kelly Bao exposure! There are more pockets and cute birds.


Hermes (Hermes) accessories set fire again, all kinds of bags, shoes, or all kinds of interesting small gadgets launched in spring and summer of 2022 are very enthusiastic. Among them, the latest Kelly bag has more pockets, which is not only more practical. The color of the stitching is also more lively, and there are also a bird -shaped hanging decoration made of a variety of leather. The mouth is a mini version of the Kelly buckle.


▲ Kelly Colormatic’s bag, with small pockets, the splicing leather is more lively, 446,400.

▲ Birkin ColorMatic series packets make the classics and new ideas, 476,500 yuan.

▲ 27,700 yuan in Birdy Bags, 32,500 yuan for FINGERSKATE Bags.


2022 Hermès’ annual theme is “light”, and the work is also developed by this. It is necessary to throw away thickness in spring and summer. The package is equivalent to the combination of the two fibrous clips and the strap. The craftsman uses a superb “peeling” process to thin the leather and stacked and suture. Therefore, even if there are multiple mezzanine Let the small to go bag be the shoulders, oblique back, or use it as a pocket and handbag, which is very suitable for daily life.

▲ The Picotin Lock package of Xiaohua pattern looks fresh.


▲ TO GO series zipper long clip, combined with two zipper bags and belts, which is quite practical, 95,300 yuan.

▲ The cylindrical Maximors series shoulder bag is inspired by horses, exquisite and delicate, 221,100 yuan.

The classic bag turns around, full of dazzling new ideas, 25 cm Kelly ColorMatic inspired by work clothes, pockets on the front and back of the bag, which is convenient for small things that often need to be taken, different colors of leather, and different colors of leather. The stitching makes the bag more relaxed, and there are Birlin Colormatic to choose from.

▲ Kellydole Picto’s shoulder bag is full of childishness, super eye -catching, 476,500 yuan.

▲ Steeple series Totbag, the handle is a whip shape and the pendant is a horse, 139,500 yuan.

▲ SABOT series packets, I know it is horseshoe shape at first glance, 208,200 yuan in leather models, and wicker weaving 195,300 yuan.

The Bolide package is also in the limelight of the 2022 spring and summer. The concept of skateboarding is the concept. The bottom design is like skateboarding. It is made of 5 layers of leather binding aluminum alloy. In addition, street art pattern printing from silk scarves. Skateboarding, small postman bags have canvas straps, which are superocated on the street.

▲ The Bolide Skate series is inspired by skateboarding. The travel bag is 704,000 yuan, and the back -with charter is 268,300 yuan.


Speaking of Hermes’ accessories, we must mention the silk scarf. So far, 75,000 color tones have been prepared on the scarf. It shows the process. In addition to the most classic square scarf, this year Tisters are easy to use. The triangle scarf added a small hanging in one corner, and the exquisiteness improved. The pattern of the silk scarf is also full of stories. For example, designer Jonathan Burton asked a lady to ride a shake Trojan and hold a selfie stick. There are a lot of love next to the mobile phone. This comes from observation of modern society, which reflects social media culture.

▲ Hermes Story pattern printing diagonal lines, female knights holding selfies, mobile phones are surrounded by love, which reflects the realistic community media, 16,200 yuan.


In addition, the beautiful folding fan is suitable for spring and summer. The lane rope is convenient to carry it on the body or tied it to the bag. The bright beach towels and pillows make life more fun. If there are pets in the home, it will definitely be used by dogs. The tent attracted, combined with color wooden brackets and Gris Carrière gray and fire orange double -sided canvas, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly, and cute.


▲ There is a lane rope with a folding fan, which is more convenient to carry, 21,700 yuan.


▲ The small tent used for pets breaks the table with a cuteness, 59,100 yuan.

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The year of the tiger is approaching. Gucci combined with the fantasy tiger pattern, and the artist and illustrator VitTORIO Accornero published in the collection in the late 1960s, it achieved a unique tiger year series. The soft tone and strokes are generally the fierce impression of tigers. It can be seen in various classic bags, Mueller shoes and clothing. Shout cute!

虎Gucci Tiger Year “Fantasy Jungle” series is handsome, beautiful and limited packaging, dust bags are even more burned

▲ The Gucci Tiger Year series presents a dream jungle style.



Actively sponsored the LOEWE of the Ghibli Art Museum. After joining “My Neighbor Totoro” to launch a super -eye -catching series, this time aimed at “God Hidden Girl”. Creative director Jonathan Anderson first exposed Chihiro and Bailong on IG. Amazona bags, Hammock bags of Chihiro patterns, and Tang’s mother -in -law, etc. will be available on January 7th, fans must be looking forward to it.


名Loewe co -branded “Shen Yin Girl” rammed bag exposure! Chihiro, Mother -in -law, Faceless Male cute burst


▲ Loewe’s new series of “God Hidden Girl” is quite attractive.