Comprehensive analysis of PET protective film knowledge


PET protective film, also known as film -resistant high -temperature polyester, PET protective film can be divided into: single layer, double layer and three -layer protective film, transparent colors, gold and gray.

Features of PET protective film

1. It has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and size stability, transparency, and recyclable. It can be widely used in the fields of magnetic records, sensitivity materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging and decoration and other fields.

2. The texture is relatively hard and scratched.

3. Generally, the PET protective film depends on electrostatic adsorption and can be reused.

4. The price of the PET protective film is more expensive than the PVC. When the general high -end digital products leave the factory, the surface of the product must

Put a layer of PET protective film to play a protective role.

5. With the development of special function thin films, the new use of polyester film has also appeared. It can be produced into a mobile phone LCD protective film, LCD TV protective film, mobile phone button, etc.

The difference between PET protective film and ordinary protective film

The ordinary PET protective film is based on PET (polyester film) as the substrate, and the single -sided or double -sided coating pressure -sensitive glue.


1. Temperature resistance, heat resistance, no pollution, no gum, aging resistance;

2. The adhesive layer is transparent, easy to paste, and easy to peel;

3. Good substrate intensity, convenient for secondary processing;

4. In deep processing or bending processing, the product has good maintenance;


Due to the low cost, it is a more commonly used packaging material, which is mainly used in the open panels of the nameboard and film, and the surface protection of the dashboard, home appliances, and house kitchenware fireproof boards.


The PET silicone protective film is based on PET (polyester film) as the substrate. It is made of organic silicon with single -sided coatings and the lyric membrane is fitted.

1. Taking a silicone composite layer as the adhesive can prevent the formation of bubbles, so it has a good exhaust effect;

2. The surface is specially processed by scratch resistance;

3. The surface of the protective film is smooth and flat, and the transparency of the product can reach more than 90%;

4. Excellent heat resistance, good maintenance, can be automatically adsorbed on the surface of the post;

Due to the high cost of products, it is mainly used for high -end mobile phone screens, LCD monitors, etc.

Ordinary PET mobile phone protective film is: high transparency, anti -dirty, easy to tear, the disadvantage is that scratch resistance is average, cannot be reused, and does not have automatic exhaust function. Therefore A lot of low, the finished product of the PET mobile phone protective film is also selling cheaper, which is often said to be low -end products. The high -end PET protective film is different. Due to the high cost, it is often much better than low -end products in the selection and production process of the protective film. The transparency and clarity are much higher, and the anti -scratch effect is also very good.

Whether the PET screen protective film affects the cooling function of the product

Most of the electronic products screen will use the PET protective film. PET films dedicated to the screen protective film are: PET protective film, PET matte protective film, PET scratching coffee protective film, PET silicone protective film, etc. It affects the heat dissipation function of the product, thereby shortening the service life of the product? I think this is the most worried about every consumer.

According to the use of the mobile phone screen protective film, the use of TV LCD screen protective film can be seen that the heat dissipation site of the mobile phone is mainly concentrated on the back cover.

The screen protective film does not affect it at all


Computer screen protective film will not affect heat dissipation


Because the heat dissipation is mainly the heat dissipation holes at the bottom and the side, the keyboard parts will also bear part of it. The laptop screen does not emit a lot of heat. The heating is mainly in the CPU and graphics card. Secondly, the screen protective film will also have a certain heat transfer performance, and it can also dissipate heat. Similar to this situation, the protective film believes that everyone has answers in their hearts.

The same principle of some other electronic products screens. The product screen itself does not carry too much heat dissipation parts, so the posted screen protective film does not affect the service life of the product.

Does the PET protective film need to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance? This should start with the purpose of the PET protective film.


The application field of PET protective film

1. Protection of various lenses and screen engineering.

2. Scratch protection film for various electronic products.

3. LCD touch screen, film window, print film.

4. Film switch, film panel (instrument panel, home appliance panel) and other uses.

The PET protective membranes like these uses need to be stamped, molded, and flushed in high temperature environments. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain weather resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and test after experimental.