30 couples! Giant beautiful! Those who have no male tickets also have to arrange with their sisters


Meow Guru’s broken thoughts (text/




I have been preparing for the day of Qixi! I’m looking for good -looking


Couples ❣ ️

In order to wear the bombing street on Qixi Festival

(This damn ritual)



It happened that I also collected a lot of good -looking one


Couple outfit


, Get get a lot

Dressing skills


Intersection Sorry for not knowing what to send, it is better to send a couple to install it! Let’s go!

First of all, we will from the most common items

“T -shirt”


Start, it

The most convenient match and the most casual

Intersection Many small couples buy couples, they must have a big T -shirt!


I love this color matching! I wrote the name of summer! Big logo design

Simple and fresh

~ It is recommended to choose a light color for matching ~

Grandma’s yellow and baby blue together gives a very relaxed and happy feeling. The color of boys’ clothes is the color of girls.

Law of color echo

You can learn from it ~


Blue powder is super kawaii! This pink boy does not feel mother -in -law, but feels cute! Below you don’t want to put shorts and jeans, the style becomes cool!




Rose pink is white


Intersection Leisure and lively! The mirror is absolutely beyond the film! Summer clothes can be paired with jeans or white workshot shorts ~

“You are young, you like you.”

Black and white color scheme is good! The word behind it is also romantic ~ It is too sweet to wear a couple photo ~

This couple dress is super cool! The rose pink sprayed in the middle is a love shape. When boys wear a small necklace to increase a small detail ~

The following set is still cool wind ~ Boys and girls bring a wool hat with similar colors, inexplicable


Intersection You can refer to this set!

I have to say that wearing a couple dress is really good! Intersection It can be

Circle of friends

Degree! Intersection

(Single friends can buy with girlfriends !!!)

Does the sets introduced earlier look very coordinated! But in fact, the couple’s outfit does not have to wear a T -shirt with the same style ~ We can still pass

Color coordination/style coordination



The little couple looks too sweet below! Intersection Boys ‘orange T -shirts are super wonderful with girls’ orange vests! It looks like a cup of summer

Orange bubble water





The most important feeling of couples is to give people a feeling of “you are very good”, and the color system is very important. The color system that two people wear are close to ~


For example, you chose khaki

The color of the big element

Then you can use the same color system for clothes and pants on your body ~

For example, the following set, the top is one piece

American retro Polo shirt

, Girls choose short -loaded khaki pants, and boys use wide khaki pants. Two people look

Have their own styles

The following girls are also the same. The pants are used in the same version, but the color is different, and it looks very coordinated ~

Or take a more

High -level

The method of wearing is the couple shirt that may not have the same style in two people, but through

Color matching


Looks like a couple shirt!


Then choose the right color system, two people


It can also be unified. For example, the following set, girls wear cooler vests, and boys’ style of dressing is also a cool style ~

Or the sweet and cool wind below, the girl’s

Pink hat and clothes echo


, Boys choose white pants and casual shoes, refreshing and clean ~ The two look super kawaii ~

And the following kind of sports style is also super beautiful! Is it very similar to


The male and female masters in Korean dramas are on campus

The match that can be worn ~ The youthful atmosphere comes in an instant ~

How to set up literary and artistic wind? First determine the black and white pair of CP colors, the materials of the two people look comfortable


Flax texture

Even if they look at their dress separately, they are very brilliant!

And this is very suitable for summer


Mint Green

~ Girl’s bubble sleeve shirt and a simple shirt for boys, this look is very suitable for travel ~

The fresh feeling is super dazzling


There is also a set of autumn and winter models I like to share with you! Full




what! Taking pictures is really good -looking! Must start this set in autumn and winter!

After watching the couple’s match above, have you found that you have to choose in addition to your clothes.

Add some small items

It will make your match a lot!

For example, when wearing a dark, you can put a white striped sweater on your shoulders or waist, which can add highlights to the entire shape ~


It is also a very useful item! Decide what style of hats to wear according to the style of wearing ~

For example, you can wear fisherman hats and peak hats ~

If it is cool, you can try the cold hat/beret/wool hat ~

Of course there are daily wear

Metal jewelry

Intersection Will add a lot of color to you ~ boys and girls can also choose couple jewelry to wear!

That’s it for today! Is there any intention of beautiful clothes! Here I wish you all the Qixi Festival in advance




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