The hat that can “cool down”! After wearing it, 99%of the ultraviolet rays are not afraid of the sun or not afraid of sunlight


They all say a white cover and ugly

As soon as sunscreen is in summer, it has become a top priority for girls

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Before going out every day

I can’t wait to apply the thick sunscreen of the city wall



MM must be clear

Sweat for five minutes for 1 hour out

Sweat sunscreen on the face has already flowed up

Instead of consciousness, it is more likely to be sunburned!

In fact, the most effective in summer is physical sunscreen

But for lazy cancer patients

If you let me go out with an umbrella every day


能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Regardless of shopping or on the way to get off work

It’s all the burden of uppercase

Want to ensure that the sun is lost

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

After the sunscreen flows, I am too lazy to support the umbrella

How to do?

Everyone knows, regardless of the strength, or the star of the idolist

It is inseparable from a shining face

The stars usually pay attention to sun protection most,

Old and black after sunburn

Careful friends should notice it,

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Most of the entertainment circles are wearing a hat

Angelababy, Reba, Yao Chen, Da S …..

Everyone knows that it is a well -known “picky ghost”

Many things are picking bones in eggs,

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

The fisherman’s hat can be seen by her, indicating that it is not average

I have grown up for a long time today. Today, I strongly recommend it

This sunscreen, beautiful, and convenient can also be easily concave.

Variable-match —– Zhenchen two-color fisherman hat!

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

99%isolation of ultraviolet rays

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Positive and negative sides can be with

You can choose a variety of colors

The UV cover rate is as high as 99%!

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

We all know sunscreen

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑


The defense is ultraviolet rays

That is

We often call UV

UV’s penetrating power is extremely strong, and it can invade the epidermis

Even penetrating the skin dermis layer

Arrive at the bottom of the muscle

Destroy skin cells and their collagen and elastic fibers

Invisible stimulation melanin generation …

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

This is the result of being illuminated by UVA and UVB

I usually feel nothing

The accumulated lethality is not small

Long -term contact can cause pigmentation to form, and even accelerate aging

And traditional shading cap

Can’t completely block the invasion of ultraviolet rays

Because its penetration power is too strong ~

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

For example, the straw hats and baseball caps that girls like to wear

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Although it looks good, it is not shaped

Can’t play the role of sun protection at all

To cope with this issue

This hat is changed to the short hat design commonly used on the market

The brim design is up to 11cm

Not only are you not afraid of sunbathing, you can also modify the face shape perfectly

Except for the entire face, you can hide it in the shadow

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Even the position of the neck has been taken care of

For you like to wear a word

Or the little fairy wrapped in a camisole

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Can’t be intimate anymore

Except for 360 ° without dead angle shading

I also deliberately applied a thin light sunscreen film on the periphery of the hat

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

The penetration of ultraviolet rays is blocked to the greatest extent

Our staff also did the corresponding test

Compared with a hat for 28 degrees, the UV measurement was compared

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

When there is no hat, UV is displayed as 1300+

And covering the hat UV is almost 0!

Shading, good -looking and easy to carry

Can be folded freely without deformation

Perfect replacement of parasol

There is also an invisible benefit of the long hat brim

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

That’s the small face of fried chicken ~

As people who often show in the circle of friends

This is so important that there are wood!

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

When you are too lazy to make up, lazy to wash your hair

Put a lipstick with a lipstick to go out, you can go out

It’s okay to match any clothes

Practical and beauty

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

The important thing is to make you low -key and special in the crowd

Go out with sunglasses

Apply sunscreen and wear sunscreen

Then wear this sunscreen hat on your head

Even on the streets of summer

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

You can also feel the coolness of early autumn and dusk!

No wonder the stars have grown grass

It can be shaped and concave

Transform into handsome and fashionable in minutes!

Whether it is a male and female star or an Internet celebrity expert

They are all wild tools for out of the street

G -dragon, Yu Wenle

Kunyin Four Son was also photographed at the airport.

It can prevent being photographed well, and it can also be handsome and concave shape

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Even the latest major fashion show

The fisherman’s hat has also become a mirror grabbing item that cannot be ignored in the entire look

It is conceivable to know the popularity of the fisherman’s hat

No fisherman’s hat is embarrassed to say that he is fashionable

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

This double -sided fisherman hat has 6 colors

Each color can be worn with both sides

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

The guests who bought them all like it very much

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Without a bad review

Our double -sided different colors,

Buying one top is equivalent to buying two tops

The key is 99%anti -ultraviolet rays,

Original price of 90 yuan a top,

Today’s activity price is 38 yuan

I miss it anymore, and I will restore the original price immediately

Good quality and affordable, a hat is used as two tops

The shading effect is good, breathable without sweating

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

The versatile is very young, the face is small

Good storage does not deform, workmanship is very good

Must -prepare items to go out

This double -sided model has high requirements for materials

The material is very particular

The three -dimensional sense of the hat as a whole is very strong

If the material is not good, the entire hat looks soft collapse

Easy to deform and shrink

Although many pictures of a certain treasure look the same

But you can clearly see the difference in water

We take the same model on the market (left)

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Washing test with our hat (right)

Two hats are dry at the same time after drying

The same section on the left is obviously shrinking

And our hat is still as straight as the original

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

almost no change at all

The brim of fibrous woven fine fabrics

Very breathable light!

Anti -wrinkle and anti -ball

There is no problem at all with a brush brush

Inner lining uses a set mesh

Skin -friendly breathable, not covering sweat and not deforming

On the head

It’s like wearing a fluttering cloud

Coupled with the sunscreen film on the periphery of the hat

Ultraviolet rays cannot be irradiated

The calories are blocked outside

Naturally, it is cooler!

said with no exaggeration:

Put on this hat, the body temperature can stand 3 degrees!


This hat is very convenient

Can be folded and squeezed arbitrarily

Put in a bag or wardrobe

Take it again or just like the newly bought

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Never wrinkle

The hat that is bad as soon as possible

It’s a lot of differences

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Consider the problem of big wind

This fisherman’s hat is also equipped with adjustable windproof rope

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

So you don’t have to worry about being blew up even if you ride or run

The important thing is that super versatile

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

What T -shirts, skirts, literary style, hip -hop …

Even with our formal dress, you can become a perfect match!

Basically, this hat

Can hold all your match preferences

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

And really make different styles!

Sunscreen and ultraviolet rays

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

Out of the street

With clothes is also a variety of beauty!

Who can not be heartbroken?

There are also a variety of colors to choose from

Pick up a favorite and quickly wear it ~

It can be easily “white” in the summer!

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

[Double -sided shading hat, who wears a small face] Out of the street versatile weapon, anti -ultraviolet men’s and women’s sunscreen caps, light can be folded and easy to carry

Good -looking and versatile, can also sunscreen, such a good hat, give yourself a top ~

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Blocking ultraviolet rays, large hats, and more comprehensive sun protection. Double -sided, fashionable and versatile!

¥ 38

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑


能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑

能“降温”的帽子! 戴上后隔离99%的紫外线,不惧阳光不怕晒黑