The elastic waist and hemp skirt of the literary fan is very simple. Xiaobai can also try it. Attached scissors


Here is a cotton and linen skirt with a loose waist, which is very simple to make.


You can wear a set of cotton and linen shirts shared earlier.

Is there like me, more and more likely wearing loose skirt pants. The tight denim is really good -looking, but it is really dressed. After all, the good figure is gone. Essence Essence


Take a look at the picture

It is also very beautiful to make white

Take a look at the cutting map. XL code


It is necessary to push the board according to the length of the enclosure 4cm length of 4cm. The rubber band on the waist is the most accurate to measure itself.

XL code cutting picture

Production process commentary

The fabric does not have much requirements, and the fabrics are generally possible, each with its own feelings.

It’s just that before the fabric sew, please wash the water first, just wash it in the pot.

The decorative strip of the front and middle, sew it with a buckle with a buckle with a buckle, and the small wood buckle decoration is set on it.

The curved oblique pocket, the stitching of the bag must remember to hit the knife mouth.


Pocket effect

Anti -midflower open to the location of the decorative strip


Just roll the edge of the hem


Okay, this time the style sharing is here.

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you do n’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area.


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