There are many children’s down jackets! What does the child wear warmth to keep warm? These three make me like winter every year


The temperature in the morning and evening has trembled slightly, and the Mom’s Mengbao Tiaoya Plan is also included. The godmother can choose to send a small down evaluation for each “small cotton jacket” ~~


Look at the specific information ↓

(About 110cm, suitable for children 4-5 years old)

Is there really down in the down jacket?


What can I pretend not to pretend? Seeing the evaluation of the world smiled slightly.

In order to find out, we entrusted the professional laboratory to inspect the filling of 8 products.


It’s a mule or a horse, let’s take a look ~

Didn’t understand? Popular science ↓


As a result, I really caught 3 unspoken down: the story of Yiyan, the story of the pig, and the z generation, filled with crushing white duck hair, land poultry hair, chemical fiber cotton … I wanted to ask:

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In terms of safety and hygiene, the five products are qualified, and the baby can wear it with confidence.

How is the effect of keeping warm?

The warm effect of the down jacket is the quality of the down. Is it good to see the down? Mainly look at four points:

Charging volume

The knowledge point is coming. In general, the more the volume of the same volume is charged, the thicker the down.

Because the evaluation Jun purchased all the light and light down jackets of about 110cm, the size of the clothes was roughly the same. However, because the clothes are not the same (if there are hats, etc.), the results are for reference only.


The weight of an egg is about 60g, come ~ Feel the amount of down the down jacket.

GAP, Mark Jenny, and Impression of the three models are relatively thick. Although the number of grams of gram of Balabala and HelloKitty is still small, it still meets the amount of villosa labeling by the tag.

Review the knowledge point, the warmth of the down jacket depends not only on the thickness, continue to look down ~


The voltage content is an important reference indicator when buying down jackets. With a certain case, the higher the voltage content, the warmer.

Important points: The “90 velvet” we often say refers to the requirements of satisfying 90%of the volume of velvet ~


Let’s take a look at the performance of various models ↓

The velvet content of the five light-thin down jackets is about 90%, and the limit deviation of -3%of the national standard requirement is more than-3%of the national standard.


Especially in GAP, the container content is as high as 94.9%, which can be regarded as “95 velvet” according to regulations, which is really high -quality and good products.

Poured content


The content of the velvet is another hard indicator stipulated in the national standard. The proportion of the velvet (that is, the complete velvet) in the filling material is more refined than the velvet volume index, and it can better reflect the quality of the down.

However, the current down jacket tags are usually not marked with velvet content. It is impossible to judge by yourself. Look at the test ~

The velvet content of 5 products is qualified. No accident, GAP is still the highest and higher than other 4 models. Balabala and Mark Jenny were relatively worse and lost to HelloKitty and impressive childhood below 200 yuan.



Flly and fluffy represents the ability of down to store air. To a certain amount of down, the higher the fluffyness, the stronger the insulation and thermal insulation capacity.

Overall, the fluffyness of the down of the five products is qualified. Gap is still led, impressive childhood is relatively poor.

The five products meet the requirements of the first-class product of the national standard (5-15), and the anti-diamond velvet performance of the fabric is better.

Wet & ventilation


Knock on the blackboard: humidity and breathability directly affect the exchange of skin and external heat.


Wearing down jackets with poor wetness and breathability will obviously feel sultry and uncomfortable body sensation, especially for some active babies, wearing down jackets is easier to sweat. At this time Essence

*Note: The national standard of “down clothing” does not specify the limits of moisture permeability and breathability. Refer to “knitted clothing fillets”, the humidity rate is 2500g/(㎡ · 24h) is qualified; “Outdoor sports clothing The minimum moisture after washing is above 2000 G/(㎡ · 24h).

These details design, Baoma can choose according to her own preferences, and not many BBs to evaluate Jun ~

Ding Ding Ding, the final result is announced

Based on the results of the above evaluation, we recommend the following three of the eight models:

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After reading the above, you may have these questions …

1. How to choose down jackets when buying?

“Look, touch, press, rub, smell”, walk



Looking at the product tag and water washing label, the filling is “duck down” instead of “duck hair”; in addition, the volume content is usually warm.



If you touch the clothes, if you can touch the velvet inside, it indicates that the quality of the fabric is passing. The manufacturer does not need to add more isolation layers to prevent drilling. Such clothes are also lighter, and the baby is wearing a sense of negative weight, and it is more intimate.

according to

Press the down jacket and let go. Quickly rebound restoration of the original state indicates that the fluffyness is good. Poor elasticity, with a sense of heavy sense, indicates that the volume contains low volume, or the quality of the velvet is not high.



Select any part of the down jacket and rub it gently. If there is a down drill out of the fabric or needle eye, it indicates that the probability of dill the clothes is higher.


The nose is close to the down jacket carefully. If there is a obvious odor or odor, it may be filled with inferior down.


2. Can it be really down by label recognition?

Some can, some are not so easy.


The well -known and regular brand of down jackets usually label the filling information truthfully on the tag, and identify “duck down” and “goose down” when purchasing.


However, it is not easy to identify in some cases. Take the three “fake” down jackets found in this test as an example:

【The Story of Pigs】

The story of pigs is the most excessive. It is obviously filled with land poultry hair, but 90%white duck down on the washing label, which is good for consumers. Ming guns are easy to hide, and dark arrows are difficult to prevent. Moms should pay more attention when buying.

【Z generation】

Z Generation is an imported brand in France. Although the water washing label was truthfully marked with 100%polyester fiber, it was hidden in dense foreign language words and did not know it at all! Moreover, the website is marked with white duck down, I read less, don’t lie to me!


【Yiyan Baby】

Yiyan’s baby tag and water washing label marked the white duck hair, but the website nominal is a down jacket. Pay attention when buying. In addition, do you want to explain the matter of the Tag?

(Why does P.S. not measure Uniqlo? It is not unexpected.

In the end, the evaluation Jun has something to say

1. Inspection agency: Beijing Inspection and Examination and Inspection Center, the report number: JJYH2017090658 — JJYH2017090664, the test data is only responsible for inspection samples.


2. All test samples are anonymous to buy third -party platforms such as Tmall and Honey Bud. The color and price of clothing are for reference only. Please refer to the actual purchase.

3. There will be defects and deficiencies in the texts. If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave a message in the comment area to help us do better. Evaluation Jun will thank you here first!


If you want to see the adult down jacket evaluation, I will send me a linked private message ~

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Review Jun Comment