A passenger on the Shenzhen flight suddenly discomfortd the stewardess to use a clean bag for first aid


On May 30th, a passenger broke out of the flight excessive syndrome on the flight from Daxing to Shenzhen, CZ3152, China. After emergency treatment, passengers have improved, and doctors have no life in diagnosis of patients.

Shortly after the plane took off, the cabin suddenly came to the bell, and the flight attendant quickly arrived and found that a lady had difficulty breathing and her mind was blurred. The flight attendant was preliminarily judged by the experience as excessive ventilation. The flight attendant was rushed to find the medical staff on the machine, and covered the passenger’s nose and nose with a clean bag to help the lady effectively alleviate the symptoms of excessive ventilation and promote normal breathing. There was a female doctor on the plane to make in -depth judgments to the sick passengers. The flight attendant cooperates, transmits information, uses oxygen cylinders to suck oxygen for passengers, and evacuate the surrounding passengers to create a comfortable environment for the lady.

After more than half an hour of emergency treatment, the lady’s condition was relieved. The flight attendant also took out the emergency medical box, and the doctor monitored various monitoring such as quantity blood pressure, hearing heartbeat. After the co -workers and doctors’ joint efforts, the passenger returned to normal. Later, she learned that she was over -ventilation because of her emotional tension and drinking coffee in the morning, which caused excessive ventilation.

深圳航班上一旅客突发不适 空姐巧用清洁袋急救

According to reports, an excessive syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by excessive ventilation that exceeds the needs of physiological metabolism. At the time of the onset, the patient’s breathing accelerated, producing the carbon dioxide of the blood vein, the lower pressure of the carbon dioxide, and the alkaline poisoning of the respiratory. The specific manifestations were numb in the hands and feet. In addition to the excessive syndrome of the air replacement, the transition of the season of spring and summer, the probability of influenza and upper respiratory diseases is relatively increased. In addition, the air on the aircraft is relatively dry, and this type of patients are easy to feel uncomfortable.

Southern Airlines reminded that passengers should be loose clothes and relax their mentality when taking the opportunity. If you have symptoms of excessive ventilation discomfort during flight, you can cover your mouth and nose, relieve this method, and seek help from the cabin as soon as possible.

Deep View News & One Shenzhen Client Reporter Wang Hening