“Modern Light Luxury Decoration Case” 2021 The most popular main lamp design points


Lighting is the soul of a space, and it also rises from the foundation to create an atmosphere. The main lamp design is a more popular design recently, saying goodbye to traditional lighting, so as to “see the light without seeing the light”. The design principle of the main lamp is to highlight the sense of hierarchy. Today, I will summarize the main points to pay attention to the design of the main lamp. Let’s take a look together!


1. What is the main lamp?

The main lamp is corresponding to the traditional main lamp lighting mode. There is a main light lighting that each space will have ceiling lights or chandeliers. The design style of the main light will appear more advanced, the space will not look dull, and it will make the space look beautiful.

Second, light layout

1. Leave the wall distance and installation spacing

When installing the lamp, be sure to pay attention to the departure distance of the lamp. For example, if the spotlight is used as a background wall lighting, the shooting light needs to be illuminated on the wall. Then the best distance is 40-60cm. , Several side by side, so the best lamps are the best is




2. Multi -lamps match

Avoid monotonous, you can match multiple lamps. Can be arranged in combination with different functions. This can not only meet the daily lighting needs, and it will not feel that the lamps are too monotonous.

3. Color temperature selection

Generally, the effects of different color temperatures are different. The warm light gives a warm feeling, natural light is more comfortable, and white light is relatively calm. It is generally recommended to choose natural light and warm light, or choose the actual situation.