Will modern iron chandelier rust? How to do well? What are the advantages of iron chandeliers?


Will iron chandelier rust?

Although the shape of the iron chandelier is very beautiful, but because of the special material to face the problem of rust, how to do a good job of the maintenance of iron chandelier has become a key issue, and at the same time

Iron chandelier advantage

We also need to understand!

1. Will the iron chandelier rust?


First of all, let’s find out what is iron. There are two types of iron art: cast iron and forging. Among them, forging iron is made of special iron. Although the craftsmanship is different, there are also rust problems. In order to avoid the emergence of rust, the surface of iron lamps is generally on the surface of the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of iron products, and it must be applied (plated). Even so, we should pay attention to the problem of anti -rust and rust removal when we use American iron chandeliers everyday.

2. What are the maintenance methods of iron chandeliers?

1. Do not use soapy water when cleaning American iron chandeliers. Washing American iron chandeliers with soapy water will damage the protective layer on the surface of the iron furniture, which is the coating (plating) mentioned above, which will cause iron furniture to rust.

2. Once you find that your own American iron chandelier is rust, you can remove it, and then use the basin to be full of vinegar, soak the lamp in it, and wait for a period of time to rust. The protective layer, otherwise it will soon corrode and rust.

3. If the lamp holder of the American iron chandelier is plated, then the electroplating lamp rust starts rust from the substrate. At the beginning of the rust, you can use some friction with toothpaste but not contains corrosive ingredients. Remove slight rust. Once the corrosion is severe, the plating layer will be peeled into the scale, and the substrate will be serious. At this time, there is no good way, that is, the grinding, and soon the rust will be more serious.

4, humidity can cause American -style iron chandeliers to rust and paint, and also shorten the period of use of the lamp. Therefore, moisture -proof is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the toilet, bathroom lamps and kitchen stove front lamps, which must be installed to prevent moisture -proof lampshades to prevent moisture invasion and avoid short circuit of rust damage or leakage.


What are the advantages of iron chandeliers?

1. It’s easy to clean


Compared with other materials, the cleaning of iron chandeliers is relatively low. Except for dust, the iron chandelier generally does not stain other dirty things, and the dust on the iron chandelier can be wiped with a wet cloth gently to clean.

2. Not easy to break

The hardness of the iron chandelier is high, it is not easy to deform and it is not easy to break. Hanging iron chandeliers in the living room, bedroom, from dining rooms, etc. As long as the installation is firm, people do not need to worry too much about the safety of iron chandeliers.

3. Very versatile of temperament

The iron chandelier comes with a retro sense, no matter what kind of decoration style is placed, it can be perfectly integrated. The versatile nature of iron chandeliers has successfully won the love of everyone.

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