The little red skirt must be worn in the New Year! Slandered and fascinating



It is very important for the Chinese. The New Year is the most important day in the whole year. The festive red dress cannot be less!

No, liya is ready to wear the New Year

Red skirt

It can also be in line with the festival atmosphere. If you like it, look down.

The combination of red+black color matching is also a classic combination.


The selected little red skirt is not a bright red, but a



A little wine red. Such a fairy who cannot control a large area of ​​red, do not worry about being too earthy.

The small red skirt is dotted with a three -dimensional embroidered little flower, which makes the whole set of red and black shapes not so monotonous.

V -neck

The design of girls with short necks and fleshy faces is simply a savior.

Put a cigarette pipe to the bottom shirt, there is a neck left


Some dew

area. It visually extended the neck line and wearing a charming swan neck.

The middle -sleeved dress+long -sleeved bottoming shirt, short and inside, with clear layers and more fashionable. When wearing inside, it will not look bloated or feels panicked.

Narrow shoulders


The fairy came over.


Choosing clothes with three -dimensional design on the shoulders can well modify the shortcomings of the shoulders. The bubble sleeves are too suitable for the fairy who worships the meat.



Slightly waist

, Give the space in the inside, while also showing the body curve. The whole person was upright instantly, full of energy!


Knee socks


Whether it is matched with short skirts or shorts, a little skin is exposed slightly, age -reducing and playful. Eliminate the black inside to complete the unity of look.

If the cold fairy is in the area, you can secretly put on a natural bottom socks, and then put over knee socks.


In winter, there is a warm and fashionable, convenient item, that


Definitely the first choice.

It has a sense of elegance, and after wearing it, it naturally exudes a charming temperament different from others. The furry style can better in line with the atmosphere of the winter season.

In the concept of wearing, you must not forget the importance of small accessories. The small earrings add a lot to the overall refinement.


The New Year’s Red Skirts are shared! The cute little fairies like it?


Red is a beautiful meaning of auspiciousness and festiveness for the Chinese. Choose a small red dress near the Spring Festival, not only


The festive atmosphere can also highlight the personal temperament.