The must -have down jackets for winter, 5 matching methods of black down jackets, temperament age and thinness


There are many styles in winter, and many styles are very fashionable, but in everyone’s hearts, there will be a place. It will definitely be down jackets. The down jacket is relatively warm. Other styles are much bigger. Let’s take a look at how the classic black down jacket should be matched?


Let’s share with you how to match the black down jacket and what are the advantages and disadvantages?


Advantages and disadvantages of black down jackets


① advantages

In fact, the biggest advantage of down jackets may be that it is relatively warm, and black is a classic color. It is a better color and a mature color.

Thinking of the advantages, the biggest advantage should be warm, and it is also the most important and most attractive advantage of everyone, especially the hooded down jacket. It is not only temperament, but also very advanced.


② Disadvantages


Of course, any clothes are the same, there are some attractive advantages, and naturally there are some shortcomings that people can’t stand. Let’s take a look at the down jacket. What kind of disadvantages should we have?

If the disadvantages of black down jackets, although black is a classic color and is a better color, black is also a dull color. For girls with dull skin and yellow skin, it is not suitable for wearing, as well as black down jackets. It is relatively fluffy. For fat girls, they may feel bloated. For fashionable white, they will become bloated if they accidentally wear them.

Black down jacket’s selection skills

① The style is not bloated

Just now we have introduced that the disadvantage of black down jackets is bloated. Indeed, any style of down jackets will feel a bit fluffy, and even feel that the style is very large, but it is just because it is fluffy.


This may also have a certain connection with the materials and fabrics. When you choose the style, you must consider these. The fabric is slightly good -looking, and it is slightly quality. Keep warm.

The specific style is not bloated, it is still necessary to look at the style of the down jacket. It can be slightly fluffy. Try not to be too bloated, otherwise the effect of the upper body is not good.

The bloated down jacket style is not easy to match for the inside. For fat girls, even some girls dare not wear it, but the warmth effect is very powerful, so many people don’t know if they should choose, so the style is the style, so the style is the style, so the style is the style, so the style is the style, so the style is the style, so the style is the style, so the style is the style. Try to choose high -quality ones, especially fabrics. Some down jackets have a large pile of cotton, especially after cleaning, it will form a pile of particular ugly, try to avoid such styles.


② High velvet content


Maybe this technique has a very important relationship with everyone’s usual choice style. It is that the volume content is high, high in velvet content, and the warmth effect will be strong. This will be suitable for winter. Then look down!

In fact, it is very simple. As long as you look at the down jacket style, and then touch the thickness of the down jacket with your hands, you will know that the amount of cotton velvet contains is also possible for fashion Xiaobai. You should know at a glance? It is just common sense of life.


But because of these small common sense, many people ignore it all at once. Some people buy some down jackets of dozens of dollars in order to greedy small cheap. How can the upper body effect look good? The quality can no longer be passed, let alone cotton volume.

The quality of down jackets is actually very important. It not only affects the effect of the upper body, but also affects warmth, and it also affects whether wearing rustic or temperament.

Show of black down jackets


① down jacket+slim leggings

The down jacket itself is the most familiar style in winter, and it is also the highest -ranking style in winter, so everyone will want to buy one or several different down jackets. Let’s take a look at a matching display of down jackets!

In fact, the down jacket is very simple to match the temperament. The biggest step is to choose the style. The quality of the selection style must be good, and even the fabric must be good. It has a bit of waterproof effect, the quality is also particularly good, the amount of cotton velvet inside is also very high, the warmth effect is very powerful, and the color is particularly suitable.


Some people will worry about whether the skin is dull and waxy girls can wear it. In fact, it is possible. For example, this black down jacket. If you are worried about your skin waxy yellow and dull, then choose a white inside. The high -necked sweater, or the hat of the color series, can have a certain impact on the skin tone, which will be much white, so girls with dull skin and yellow skin need not worry.

Choose a very loose leggings in the pants. The leggings are more modified. The short down jacket. If you want to match the bottom pants, the style should be slightly loose. , But it must exceed the hips so that the leggings will look better and feel more slim.

Although the black down jackets should be available in the wardrobe in the wardrobe, for some girls, they are not very good at wearing. You can try this style of choosing style and dressing, which may be much better.

And it is also particularly modified. It should be warm, good -looking, and temperament. It can be said to be the benefits of winter, or it can be said to be delicate in winter. The black down jacket in this issue is shared here.


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