Don’t miss the small feet pants this autumn.


There is also a period of time in Liqiu. Recently, the temperature has dropped. Autumn is the most prone to long autumn. If you are not careful, you will lose ten pounds. So how can you wear it in autumn to avoid bloated and you can see it. You may need a pair of small feet pants. Although small feet pants are easy to expose some shortcomings on the leg shape, it is really first -rate with thin ability. It will also be fashionable with other items. Essence

Style of small foot pants



If the pants are classified according to the color, there are three common colors: black, blue and white. Among them, the daily appearance rate of black and blue pants is greater than white, mainly because white is visually expanding, and even small pants may not be thin. Choose white carefully. Compared with black and blue, black is better than blue.



Small feet are generally divided into trousers and 9 -point pants. I believe everyone is familiar with trousers. After all, everyone’s wardrobe is indispensable. As for 9 -point pants, it has been very popular in recent years. 9 -point calf pants can just expose the ankle. Not only can it be thin, it is also high to a certain extent. The Habi likes to wear 9 -point pants, not only fashion but also thinner.

Divided by elements

Divide small foot pants according to the popular elements, then basically the two types of water washing effect and holes. The small foot pants with water washing effect look more fashionable than pure color models. As for the holes, fashion naturally does not need to be said. A piece of ripped jeans. These small foot pants like fashion elements can also show different fashion style while being thin, which is loved by young people.


Small foot pants

Small pants+shirt


Because small foot pants are generally simple in style, there are actually no limitations in matching, most of the items can be used to put on small pants. A white shirt and small feet pants are matched, and the official and serious shirt has become casual and lively, so that the white shirt has a new dress in the workplace. Now it ’s popular to put on the shirt on one side in jeans. Students who are pursuing fashionable can try.

Foot pants+T -shirt

Don’t rush to put up the summer T -shirt in the summer, you can wear it in autumn, and it becomes autumn to wear with a pair of pants. You need a T -shirt to prevent the high temperature at noon in the autumn of the day and night. You do n’t have to worry about turning cold at night. You can wear a shirt or denim jacket outside the T -shirt. You do n’t have to worry about a cold.


Small pants+knitted


The soft knitwear is probably the most suitable fashion item that is most suitable for dressed in autumn. The unique touch of the material can best highlight the gentle temperament of women. Knit sweater+small foot pants can make you more feminine while you can add a chic warmth in the autumn and gas -high weather. In the autumn, Xiaoxian likes knitted items, knitted sweaters, and knitted cardigans are prepared a lot.

Foot pants+suit

In the past two years, the suit has gradually entered people’s daily wear from the formal workplace. The suit also has the function of leisure and fashion, and it is no longer exclusive to the office. The suit and small foot pants are combined, and the route of the neutral style is also very good. The current trend is a gender dress. Occasionally it can be replaced with a refreshing neutral style. Maybe you will like it.

Foot pants+sweater


Students who want to take a leisure style may try the mixing and match of sweater and small pants. It is best to be loose sweater. With tight -fitting small pants to form the visual effect of upper Panasonic The casual comfortable texture, and the sweater is a tender item, wearing a sweater can highlight the youthful atmosphere of the girl.

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