Live trailer | Tomorrow morning Gaoyi County will hold the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” celebration activities


In order to fully demonstrate the glorious achievements of the agricultural development of Gaoyi County, publicize and promote high -quality agricultural products in Gaoyi County, create a strong atmosphere of heavy farmers and farmers, consolidate the strong forces of love farmers, and promote the in -depth implementation of rural revitalization strategies, promote the accelerated development of agriculture and rural areas According to the relevant spirit of the establishment of the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival”, our county will host the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” celebration.

1. Activity time

September 21, 2020

Second, event location

Wo Mu Technology Park

Third, activity content

1. The opening ceremony

2. Hold the “Cucumber Beauty Contest”

直播预告 | 明天上午高邑县举办“中国农民丰收节”庆典活动

3. Salon dialogue: A group of agricultural industrialized enterprises, rural e -commerce, and new peasant representatives with experts with experts.

直播预告 | 明天上午高邑县举办“中国农民丰收节”庆典活动

4. Visit Gaoyi Agricultural and Rural Development Achievements Exhibition

5. Visit the rural civilization and folk culture (Literary Federation, Literary Federation, Cultural and Broadcasting Bureau)

Farmers ‘Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition: Show the work of calligraphy, painting and poetry of calligraphy and other farmers’ creations.

Exhibition of non -heritage folk works: showing art works with strong local characteristics and excellent cultural traditions such as Gaoyi Palace Lantern; handmade craftsmen make paper -cutting at the scene;

Tomorrow 9:00

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