Infinite product: During the season change, everyone should pay more attention to skin problems


During the season, many sisters’ skin began to have various problems -skin sensitivity, peeling, dandruff, dry itching … adding a lot of troubles. In fact, our skin is composed of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The outermost layer of the epidermal structure is the stratum corneum, which locks water and resist the invasion of various skin surface germs. As a skin barrier, once it is destroyed, the skin will dry, red, itchy, and allergic, and accelerate aging. Therefore, the functions of skin care products such as unlimited products are often said to be hydrating and moisturizing. They come to care for our stratum corneum. During the season change, let’s do these small things that make the skin comfortable!

First, do not overwhelm it. It is best to use a mild low -foam cleansing milk.

Many sisters are always worried that the wash face is not cleaned, and she likes to choose a clean facial cleanser with high bubbles and refreshing oil control, and sometimes it is to be washed twice to rest assured. In fact, there is a layer of keratin and sebum film on the surface of the skin. This is to resist foreign infringement. Excessive cleaning will weaken the skin barrier and cause damage. It needs to be from some mild infinity products.

Second, although the moisturizing spray is good, remember to use the moisturizing cream unlimited product.

Don’t think that you do n’t need to moisturize in the summer. Taking the toner and spraying moisturizing spray can directly supplement the water of the stratum corneum, quickly alleviate the dryness of the skin, and the moisturizing cream can better lock the water after relieving dryness.


Third, good drinking habits can really replenish water.


The correct habit of drinking water is also an important factor in maintaining skin moisture. Don’t wait until your body sends a signal of “I am thirsty” before replenishing the moisture. Do not consume too much water before going to bed at night. Drinking water should be paid to balance during the day.

Fourth, do not fall into itching-grab-more itchy vicious cycle, try cold compress+moisturizing milk.

When it feels itchy, people always scratch them unconsciously, but sometimes it will become more and more itchy. Why is it more itchy? This is because repeated friction or peeling will destroy the integrity of the stratum corneum. You know, if the stratum corneum is completely stripped, the moisture loss through the skin will increase 30 times, and it will also accelerate the penetration of external material. Try the cold compress and relieve it, and then apply skin milk to maintain.

And now everyone is a state of people from the mask, and even thirsty and dare not take off the masks outdoors to drink water in time. In this case, many people will keep licking their lips and feel a little bit saliva. Can moisturize dry lips. But the lips did not buy it, but lick the more dry, even peeling. If you inevitably wear a mask for a long time, the easiest solution is to apply an unlimited product lip balm with a moisturizing effect in time before and after wearing a mask or occasionally.