Explosion, fire, formaldehyde exceeds the standard … These office chairs are not qualified! Hurry up and see if you are sitting …


Explosion, fire, formaldehyde exceeds the standard … These office chairs are not qualified! Hurry up and see if you are sitting …

According to estimates, at least 60,000 hours of office staff will spend at the office chair at least 60,000 hours, but do you know the safety risks of the office chair?

The State Administration of Market Supervision has recently released the results of the latest office chair national supervision and random inspections. Of the 90 batches of 90 batches of 90 enterprises in 11 provinces and cities, 21 batches of products are unqualified and the batch of unqualified findings is 23.3%. The unqualified office chair is either a broken base or a foot wheel falls off. There is still an excess of formaldehyde, and even the risk of explosion.

Question 1: Inferior air pressure rods seriously cause explosion


Among the unqualified products, the office transit chair accounts for the vast majority, and 17 of the 21 batches of unqualified office chairs are transfer chairs.

Explosion in an office transfer chair

The air pressure transit chair uses air spring, which is commonly known as the air pressure rod. The air pressure rod is filled with an inert gas. The adjustment button can achieve the seat lifting through the pressure difference.

The air pressure rod will be used frequently during use. If the safety is unqualified, it will not only affect the service life of the chair, but even

It may also cause explosion.

The following picture took the moment when the air pressure chair explosion was taken. The red transfer chair suddenly exploded. The lady sitting above was bounced out before she had time to respond.

In 2017, a netizen in Anhui posted that a colleague’s office chair also exploded. The chair base and the chair surface have been separated, and they have been broken into two. The computer’s mainboard next to each other is also affected and bombed.

In 2009, a 14 -year -old boy in Jiaozhou, Shandong died of severe injuries due to a rotary chair explosion, and eventually died unfortunately after rescue.


Cause of explosion: mostly caused by inferior air pressure rods

This time, a number of tests were conducted specifically for the safety of the pressure rod.

Employee chair produced by Dongguan Lin Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

High and low temperature performance is unqualified,

There may be explosive risks under extreme conditions.

The main reason is that the quality of the air pressure rod is not closed.


According to industry insiders, at present, the quality of gas pressure rods on the market is uneven, and the cost of an air pressure rod ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan.

If the wall of the air pressure rod is too thin, the inert gas is impure, and even the compressed air is used to impersonate an inert gase, it may cause a transfer chair explosion. In addition, during the use of seats, frequent increases caused by frequent temperatures, which may also explode.

Unpacking explosion -proof steel plate, cutting corners

In order to maximize the prevention of office switch explosions,

The effective protection method is to install a certain thickness explosion -proof steel plate between the air pressure rod and the transistor pad.


It is reported that,


The thickness of the explosion -proof steel plate cannot be less than 2 mm


The purpose is to prevent the air pressure rod from exploding during use, and the penetration seat faces the human body to cause damage.

After testing,

The office chair produced by Shanghai Xin Gaifan Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the high -end ergonomic office chair produced by Dongguan Xieji Furniture Co., Ltd., the transfer chair produced by Foshan Zhongge Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. and the Foshan Shunde District Shuangfu Furniture Co., Ltd. Modern leather chairs are not installed with explosion -proof steel plates, and safety projects are not qualified.

Question 2: The thin intensity of the tube wall will break the five -star feet will break

Some office chairs have broken the base during the test. According to the test personnel, the five -star foot is an important parts of a transfer chair, which plays a role in carrying the weight of the human body. If in order to save costs, the metal five -star feet make the tube wall thinner, or use a five -star feet with poor intensity. If it is broken in daily use, it may cause users to fall.

The static load of the office chair was also detected. In the laboratory, the inspectors put pressure on the five -star foot. As soon as they came into contact, the five -star foot cracked.

After the test results, I found that

The boss chair produced by Anji Shangshu Xie’s Furniture Factory and the e -sports chair base produced by Anji Yoguk Furniture Co., Ltd. is unqualified

There may be risk of causing injury.

Question 3: Excessive formaldehyde in the office chair will be causing carcinogenic

This random check,

Anji Shipping Panel Risheng Furniture Factory, Liaoning Kangfu Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Enrong Office Furniture Co., Ltd. each have each batch of office chairs that have been detected in unqualified formaldehyde release.


According to reports, in the environment of long -term formaldehyde release, it will have a certain impact on the human respiratory tract and even cause cancer.


According to test engineers, the fabrics, filling and artificial boards of the office chair may release formaldehyde. If the quality of these materials is not closed, it may cause the formaldehyde release of the office chair to be unqualified.


Question 4: The flame retardant of the office chair is unqualified to promote flame burning

In addition, the project with the most unqualified products is flame retardant.

11 batches of office chairs including Shanghai Youdian Furniture Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Bailiwenyi Industrial Co., Ltd. were detected unqualified


These are all office chairs for public places.

Public places are often concentrated and complicated. If the flame retardant performance of the office chair is unqualified, the fire occurs when the fire occurs, but not only does it not be able to prevent the spread of the fire from spreading, but it will also promote flame burning, which may cause serious casualties.

It is reported that the State Administration of Market Supervision has instructed the relevant provincial and municipal market supervision and management departments to deal with unqualified products and their production and operation enterprises, especially continuous random inspections, or order enterprises to stop production and sales in accordance with the law. Rectification, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of quality safety production.

Source/CCTV News (ID: cctvnewscenter) Comprehensive “Weekly Quality Report”


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