The mobile phone -size pockets are only 79 yuan! UPF50+effective sunscreen, wind resistance and durability, leaving with a pocket, the wife is convenient


Full enough for too long winter, and finally we will usher in a sunny day!

Don’t look at the weather is not very hot now, the strength of the ultraviolet rays is no longer low, and it is raining from time to time, and you have started to bring an umbrella with you.

For so many years of shopping experience in the house SIR, I have figured out a parasol selection standard -UPF> 40. The sunscreen coating fabric, the arc of the umbrella surface bending and the umbrella bone is solid, and there is a very important point.

According to these standards, bring you this [Zuo Du mini sunny rain and two -purpose pocket umbrella]. Whether it is windy or rainy or the hot sun, this one can be done.


Small to the extreme, weighing only 240g, holding it in your hand, similar to a mobile phone. Only one -half of the umbrellas on the market!


More special, it adopted a flat design,

The thickness is only 3.5cm as thin as a small bag, and even in the pocket pocket, it will not make the bag bulging.

So it is also called pocket umbrella, or thumb umbrella.

Not only can reduce your bag burden, but also give you super protection.

When the umbrella surface is specially treated, it is like a lotus leaf to refuse water and hydrophobic+inner vinyl like lotus leaf. The barrier rate of ultraviolet rays is very high.


There are also aviation -level wind -resistant skeletons. Whether it is windy or rainy or hot, this one can be done.

The umbrella surface of the entire series of umbrellas, high -grade pearl spray plastic + champagne gold details, more vibrant atmosphere than traditional small black umbrellas.


It is really good value and practicality, and the praise is endless.

Small and light, easy to put in your mouth bag

Ordinary umbrellas are heavy and hindered; holding it, there are mobile phones in your hand, packets …


After changing the pocket umbrella, it can solve the “big heart” of the girls.

The size of the 15cm mobile phone, flat design, does not occupy the position in the bag, in fact, it is similar to throwing a charging treasure into the bag.


The small one is not just the length. It is as thin as 3.5cm at the time of gathering, and the entire volume is nearly half smaller than the ordinary umbrella.

The whole umbrella is flat and short and small, and it is easily stored in a box of about the size of a pencil box in the elementary school student.


Most packets are used to accommodate its small figure, which is simply easy.

Don’t look at it small, open the area without losing a long -handed umbrella.

After opening, you can achieve 91 cm under the umbrella,


More than a 50 % off umbrella, it can easily accommodate two people.

Exclusive 5 -layer protection, effectively block ultraviolet rays

This portable umbrella covering rain+shading is excellent, mainly due to its exclusive five -layer protection, which allows the sunscreen index to reach UPF 50+ and effectively block ultraviolet rays.

This umbrella inside

The Japanese Houstin vinyl coatings are used, and high -density fiber is injected into UV vinyl sunscreen particles to form a polymer coating, which has a very strong cover force.

No matter how fierce the sun is, standing under the umbrella can achieve zero light, and the ultraviolet rays are properly blocked outside the umbrella. Even in the hot summer, holding such a sunscreen umbrella is really at ease.

At the same time as sun protection, it also has efficient heat insulation. When the temperature of the umbrella surface reaches 48.2 ° C, the temperature temperature of the underwhelming body is only 29.3 ° C. what!


Super sunscreen+shading+heat insulation, hot sun, it can make you cool and still, play with peace of mind ~


High -density umbrella surface, drill immediately


This 60 % discount of cross -body umbrella selection of high -density hits, the rain prevention effect must not be said!

The double -row and double -line process was deliberately upgraded, and the heavy rain leakage was rejected.


The skeleton is preferred by the aviation -grade aluminum alloy material, which greatly reduces the weight while it is stable and stable.


Even if it encounters a storm, the umbrella surface is still steady.

The umbrella surface uses lotus leaf hydrophobic principle. When the raindrop drops falling on the umbrella surface, it will be turned into “pearl -like” automatic alienation.


A few raindrops staying on the umbrella surface, just dump it gently, instantly spread out.

Gold carving, face value online

This portable pocket umbrella can stand the test, regardless of its appearance or quality.

On the umbrella surface,


3D hot -hot love crafts like gold foil, three -dimensional inlaid,


The face value of the luminis is really exciting when you watch it.

Senior pearl spray plastic + champagne gold detail embellishment,

This elegant and stylish umbrella in the sun, first of all, is worthy of praise!

There are a total of five colors, and each color happens to “hit” to the aesthetic points of the little fairy.

The gentle and smooth white like the clouds complement the glossy champagne gold. This color look like it makes people feel very good. It is necessary to bring it out every day and make a proper return rate.


Such a beautiful umbrella, with an oval handbag, the elegant and stylish tone, immediately put it in place.

The original price was 99 yuan, and we Zaijia was only 78 yuan. Buy it for ourselves or send friends. It is low -key and beautiful.

Regardless of the rainy day, when I support the umbrella, I feel good and feel that the beauty of the umbrella is also beautiful, and I almost forget the annoying weather.


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